Metal Machine Music: NIN & The Industrial Uprising

NinMetal Machine Music: Nine Inch Nails and The Industrial Uprising is a documentary that centres on the career of Nine Inch Nails but also traces the history of industrial music. The first half an hour or so focuses on Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and includes an interview with Mr P-Orridge himself. From the origins of ‘industrial’ the film then ventures into the pop pioneers such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and then turns to modern (I guess not so modern now) industrial music: Ministry, Skinny Puppy and NIN. Consisting of interviews with Genesis P. Orridge, Richard Patrick, Chris Vrenna, journalist Tommy Udo, and music video clips from Skinny Puppy, NIN and Ministry as well as live performance clips, this is one informative look at industrial music and although it is rather long its a surprisingly enjoyable watch.

For an unauthorized film there is still a lot of footage of Reznor and we get insight into the band via interviews with a very likeable and informative Chris Vrenna (former NIN drummer) and the ever so cocky and self obsessed Richard Patrick. The majority of rock critics know their stuff and are not just talking about their opinions. I found Ned Raggett (journalist) to be a very intriguing interviewee as I too tend to dissect music and go back to the roots of movements and he offers good criticism of NIN without being a total fan boy.

Metal Machine Music: Nine Inch Nails and The Industrial Uprising is a thorough look at NIN / Trent Reznor’s career and unlike most unofficial documentaries is very informative, not tacky/low-budget and is an all round good quality documentary. Each album is documented very well and examines the music more so than the man’s private life. I am sure there will be fans who are disappointed that it doesn’t pry into Reznor’s personal life, but if you dig the music this documentary offers an up to date fountain of knowledge regarding NIN. Personally I don’t feel as if this documentary would have been any better had there been interview footage with Trent, if you care about the music this documentary is enough.

In regards to extras there’s extended interviews and an awesome featurette ‘The Genesis of Industrial’ which is about a half hour interview with the every so lovely and charismatic Genesis P-Orridge. Extras aside, this is still an excellent release and simply a must have for NIN fans.


  • Digital Contributor Biographies
  • Featurette – ‘The Genesis of Industrial’
  • GPO on his personal ‘roots’
  • Extended interviews

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