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I’m just going to put it out there. I believe that Kurt Cobain killed himself. I am not going to try and convince anyone not to believe in the theory that he was murdered, but don’t make your assessment based on one documentary or your hatred of Courtney Love. And if you do think he was murdered, imagine what it must be like for the Cobain family every time someone brings this up or petitions the court to see gruesome death-scene photos and his family have to respond.

I was really hesitant to watch this documentary as I saw it as nothing but money-grabbing and thought the timing of its release coinciding with Montage of Heck was incredibly disrespectful. The guy should be remembered for more than just his death, but just like Sharon Tate their deaths are inescapable. Conspiracy theorists have complained that Montage of Heck didn’t address his death, but why should it? Sharon Tate’s sister recently released a book that celebrated Sharon’s life and didn’t mention her death, and surely families (and the fans) should be entitled to something positive about their beloveds lives and not their deaths.

If you’ve looked at Tom Grant’s website the documentary doesn’t really offer anything new. I looked at it at least 15 years ago and he’s still scraping the barrel. Tom Grant makes money off his website. He is making money off Cobain’s death. After watching this documentary I am convinced even more that this man is unethical and exploiting Cobain and vulnerable fans. Again, the sort of things Grant thinks point to “motive” can range from out of context and cut up audio clips of Courtney Love, and lyrics she wrote previous to even meeting Cobain. (Lyrics from Hole’s Turpetine;  on his website Grant quotes them as “I’m gonna walk you to your suicide!” when it’s “I’ve been walking to your suicide”. It’s all a bit nuts really, that song was written in 1989).

The documentary basically claims that the level of heroin in his body would have rendered him incapable of pulling the trigger and that the empty shell could not have landed where it did due to way the gun was resting in Cobain’s hands. Everything else is conjecture, hearsay and cunning manipulations to make you believe the murder theory narrative.

It’s not a visually low-budget documentary, it’s fine for what it is but highly biased and calculated. The re-enactments are awkward and a bit hokey but the girl who played Courtney looks so much like mid-2000 era Courtney, it’s really creepy. Love is portrayed so horribly in every scene the film is just a blatant smear campaign. The film is cleverly crafted, every scene and re-enactment clearly sets out the good guys from the bad guys but is often so over-the-top and cartoonish it’s hard to take serious. It’s also pretty deceptive, most noticeably splicing audio content/taking it out of context to demonize Love.

The only valid point the  film raises is that the Seattle Police were quick to rule it a suicide but this doesn’t imply a conspiracy or cover-up. I guess we will never know why they were so quick to do so – why not investigate that then? No such luck here.

For the 20th anniversary of his death the Seattle Police decided to have  a cold case detective review the case. The detective has answers to the shell casing theory and found that the drug level 1.52mg is dependent on tolerance. Plenty of Medical people have said that level could be possible or it’s inconclusive. Forensic document analyzers  also concluded Cobain wrote the note, as well as his mother. If you read the SPD cold case review it challenges every claim made in the documentary that “points” to murder. So let’s just recap – there’s no hard evidence to support foul play. If we’re meant to believe that people don’t medicate before they kill themselves (as said by a “medical” professional in the film), how can we believe  a bunch of junkies could carry on/cover up such an elaborate murder plan for over 20 years? surely someone would have caved or needed drug money and outed Courtney Love.

New evidence revealed in this report mentions a receipt in the bag of  bullets, now I don’t know how many killers get a taxi,  buy bullets, leave a bag of bullets and the receipt for said bullets at the crime scene. That seems like a good thing to do if you’re going to kill one of the most famous people in the entire world.

This DVD is going to be a must have for fans who believe in the murder conspiracy but for those with a slight interest  it’s probably just worth renting.

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