Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

One could say that Jeremy Scott is the Banksy of the fashion world. Loved and adored by many but not  fully embraced by the elite of their fields. For those of you who don’t know who Jeremy Scott is, he’s a fashion designer and the current Creative Director of Italian luxury fashion house Moschino. Celebs such as Frances Cobain, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus wear his clothes.

The documentary presents a fairly typical narrative of the outsider/creative/rags-to-riches type. It focuses on Scott’s journey from a small town boy with big dreams, his rejection from FIT, his first (self funded/promoted) fashion show in Paris, through to the success he has found today. Scott tells of his experiences not fitting in and trying to get his foot in the fashion world and the challenges he faced. Sadly the film does lack a bit of depth into Jeremy’s creative process and style as it focuses not only on his life story but also his debut show for Moschino.

Scott grew up on a rural farm in Missouri and in maybe the only insightful segment of the documentary goes home to visit his family. It’s such a contrast to see him in LA surrounded by celebs and fashion people and then running around in a field with cows. While this gives the viewer and understanding of  where he comes from I felt the documentary really lacked a depth to how LA, celebrity culture and pop culture in general has influenced him considering it’s such a huge part of his style. I was left wanting more in terms of his creative process and true personal style. Perhaps this is why he frustrates the elites of high-fashion, it’s hard to tell if his clothes would be good if he didn’t rely so heavily on humour and pop culture.

The documentary does showcase Jeremy as an extremely likable person. He is not what you would expect of someone with his level of success. There’s the French stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele who acts like a vicious chihuahua all the time which is kind of entertaining but Jeremy is the complete opposite. His eccentricity and loudness comes through in his clothing not in his personality. He is still a farm-boy at heart and is not about money and fame, he simply wants to make people happy and have fun with fashion.

The usual interviews and commentary are present, you can expect to see appearances from Asap Rocky, Katy Perry, Kelly Cutrone, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Arianne Phillips, Rita Ora and many more.

The film will have extra appeal to those who are interested in the fashion world as there’s lots of behind-the-scene footage of Jeremy and his team getting ready for his debut runway show for Moschino and lots of footage of the preparation, model casting, and dressing models that goes into a show.

A must see for anyone with an interest in fashion and a must own for anyone who admires quirky designers and fashion houses such as Comme des Garçons, Vivian Westwood, etc.

No extras.



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