Giveaway: Nirvana – Come As You Are [DVD] [CLOSED]

come-as-you-areWe have one copy of Nirvana – Come As You Are to giveaway on DVD.

To find our more about the DVD you can read our review for it here.

To be in to win:

Leave a comment below telling us which Nirvana song is your favourite.

Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted via email. Comments must be received by 11pm 30th of November 2016. Open to New Zealand residents only.

Track Listing:

  1.  Nobody Knows I’m New Wave
  2.  Aneurysm
  3. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro)
  4. Breed
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro)
  6. Drain You
  7. Beeswax
  8. Spank Thru
  9. School
  10. Come As You Are
  11. Lithium
  12. Lounge Act
  13. Sliver
  14. About A Girl
  15. Polly
  16. Jam
  17. In Bloom
  18. Territorial Pissings
  19. Been a Son
  20. On  a Plain
  21. Negative Creep
  22. Blew
  23. All Apologies
  24. Endless, Nameless

Garth is the winner of this contest.

14 thoughts on “Giveaway: Nirvana – Come As You Are [DVD] [CLOSED]

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