20th Century Boys Trilogy

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If I were to tell you that after viewing this trilogy of films, that it immediately became my favourite trilogy of films, beating out such favourites as Star Wars and The Lord of The Rings, would that be enough to satisfy you?

If so, awesome, go out and buy it. If the store isn’t open break a window leave enough money for the DVD, the broken window, and cleaning costs (it’s worth it) and toddle off home as quickly as possible. Even the possible, and likely, legal costs of my second suggestion may even be worth it. However if you do so choose to try that second option I must admit that I cannot condone those actions, nor can I or Love & Pop take responsibility, so you will be on your own.

Seriously though, the 20th Century Boys film trilogy is a magnificent piece of work. Based on the original Manga 20th Century Boys and 21st Century Boys this trilogy tells the tale of a group of childhood friends reunited in adulthood who begin to witness the stories of their childhood imaginings coming true. The events of their ‘Book of Prophecy’ unleashing with enigmatic and catastrophic effects. Mysterious deaths, a giant robot and a cult led by the mysterious hooded figure known only as ‘Friend’ are only a sample of the mysteries that must be solved by Endo Kenji and his group of friends if they are to avoid the Doomsday predicted in their book.

A cleverly scripted series which does well to both captivate and intrigue the viewer I fail to recall a moment I was not glued to the screen. The characters are perfectly defined, and although not obvious, are almost as well balanced as a brilliantly developed role playing game. Much like certain cartoons each separate installment of the series has its own set of crises that get solved as well as resolving plot points, yet an overall story arch reverbs throughout the entirety of the series allowing for the epic nature of the story to feel exactly how it should: epic.

The score and soundtrack are perfect and act more as a narrator for films, accenting everything gracefully with a certain flair generally reserved for silver tongued word-smiths.

The special effects may not be the most brilliant you will have ever seen, but they are suitable. Not bad enough that you will feel disgusted by any means, but you won’t find your jaw dropping in addle faced awe at their detail either. The filming techniques are well devised. The quality of the resulting video also crystal clear, consistently I should add.

The short and tall of this collection? If you like things that are awesome, you will like this set of movies. If not? There is still a good chance that you will like this movie.

The special features although good and very interesting, are a bit lacking when considering the immensity of the project. However this is but a small detail, as even if you happen to feel somehow ripped off by the small amount of special features, they are generous in information and the extension of the experience. Plus, the three movies will be enough for most. Hell, if I didn’t have to review the special features, the movies would have been enough for me too.

Special Features:
  • Making Of
  • Japanese Premiere
  • Cast Interviews
  • Alternate Ending
  • Trailers

Review by Nortallica.

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