Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere

Adventure-TimeAdventure Time is like nothing you have seen before. Yet, it is like MANY things you have seen before. Adventure Time is the chronicle of the misadventures of Finn (The Human) and Jake (The Dog) as they traverse the inexplicable happenings of their homeland of “Ooo”. Comedy ensues at every possible angle. Including 0 and 360 degrees, which means that comedy ensues at one angle twice. Righteous. This is one of those particular achievements in animation that I hold in pretty high regard. Admittedly before getting this set to review I had never heard of the show before. Yes, for shame, for shame on me indeed.

First to describe the series. Well, Adventure Time is a many layered beast. It is one of those shows that appeals across the board. There is a visual and straight forward aspect that appeals to a younger audience, with the upfront comedy being simple (nut not plain). Though I would advise parents to see the show first before passing it onto their young’uns, as I wouldn’t say it was for all ages. Then there is this complete other side that is dry, dark, and slightly creepy that appeals to us older audiences. It’s weird for some to imagine that this show sports a G rating. But it replaces dick and fart jokes and crude humour, with something a bit ‘smarter’ and widely more acceptable to the audience.

This gives the show a certain charm, but is also presented with a level of innocence that comes across like “Kids say the Darnedest Things” at times. With characters and plot lines seeming oblivious to the aspects about themselves that make them funny (hilarious), like Adam Wests portrayal of The Batman. The characters are an ensemble of various fantasy archetypes, and many other types as well, all thrown into the same series. They react and interact perfectly and no one seems out of place. A similar approach to how The Venture Bros has many homages and archetypes all happening to exist within one multi-verse.

I can’t seem to stress the point enough about the reluctance that Adventure Time has for relying on crude humour. I’m a fan of Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, etc) don’t get me wrong. But its nice to have something a little different for a change.

Visually the show sports a visual styling similar to various old Nickelodeon toons like CatDog or Aaahh!!! Real Monsters mixed with a bit of flash animated series such as Happy Tree Friends or Charlie the Unicorn. The sound is spot on, and the levels seemed to agree with each other perfectly. At least on surround sound system. Music is apt, and well composed.

Overall its hard to find things to fault about the series, I may just be looking for reasons not to fault it. But I tend to try and find at least something I don’t like about a review product, just for some perspective. The best that I can offer is that the special features are a bit poor . . . just character profiles really, but so many DVD’s are featuring less and less features these days that this probably isn’t as much of a turn off to some any more as it used to be.

Reviewed by Nortallica 

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