Assy McGee: The Complete Spread

You’ve heard of Dirty Harry, Bad Lieutenant, Lieutenant Marion ‘Cobra‘ Cobretti, and for some TV cops: McNulty and Detective Vic Mackay, now let me introduce you to the ultra-violent Assy McGee.

Assy’s a gun-toting short tempered alcoholic who doesn’t give a damn about authority, criminals, the criminal process, justice or civilians. Oh yeah and he’s an ass with a pair of legs…I mean literally.

The show is basically a parody of 80s action movie/cop show cliches. Assy is a renegade who does what he wants and gets away with it. His partner Sanchez is always apologizing for Assy’s homicidal actions and Assy’s boss is always screaming that he’ll take away his badge and gun. But Assy doesn’t give a shit, he does what needs to be done.

You would think a show about an ass would be loaded with poop humour but it uses these types of jokes sparingly so they actually elicit laughs instead of moans and groans. The show is quite dark and not at all corny considering it’s about a talking ass. There’s loads of blood, sex, crass language and ultra-violence but it’s all at the hands of a talking ass! Even towards the end of the series when the episodes don’t quite hold up to the standard of the few first episodes Assy is always a riot.

Apart from getting laughs from an ass that smokes, drinks, has invisible hands and gets a five o’clock shadow, the best thing about Assy is his voice. The voice acting is amazing. Assy (voiced by Larry Murphy) is breathy and he talks in a constant rambling drunken slur. Many have observed that his voice is an impression of Stallone in Cobra and it’s a great source of laughs, especially when he yells.

What can I say to convince you to watch a show about a cop that is an ass? Nothing. Either it appeals or it doesn’t. If you dig trashy 80s action/cop shows or flicks then you’ll probably get a kick out of this. What people seem to miss about the show is that it is a clever play on genres, right from the opening credits to certain character traits. If you know your stuff then you won’t be disappointed as it is very clever, definitely not some “retarded show written by stoners” as Adult Swim shows are often accused of.

The Assy McGee Complete Spread consists of 20 episodes from seasons 1 and 2. The episodes are rather short clocking in at about 10 minutes. No extras.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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