Attack the Gas Station


Attack the Gas Station is a South Korean teenage black comedy about four smooth-looking Korean punks who out of boredom decide to trash & rob a local gas station twice in the same week. The second time however, the owner claims he has already sent the nights earnings home with his wife so the four lads decide to take the employees hostage and run the gas station themselves, while pocketing the earnings.

Throughout the course of the night the number of customers-cum-hostages rapidly increases until, via various series of events, the four misfits are faced with incessant in-fighting of the hostages, power struggles and eventually, an all-out battle. As a side-plot there are flashbacks to each of the four criminals past, explaining why they behave in the particular way they do.

Attack the Gas Station is an ultra-stylized, colourful and anarchistic political satire / social commentary on the disaffected Korean youth of today. There are numerous politically-incorrect statements such as the attacks on the facile national “motivational statements” hanging on the walls of the station and the comparison of the Pepsi logo to the Korean flag.

I didn’t really find the humour all that amusing as some of it is rather silly and slapstick in nature, however one comical running joke throughout the film – seemingly a homage to Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch – is the line “If they move, kill them” to which the response is always “Really?” (guess ya had ta be there). Also, some of the random beatings meted out to the hostages are kinda funny.

Overall an ok film if ya wanna waste a coupla hours but I felt it was kind of overlong and directed more at South Korean teens, so some of the comedy & allegory didn’t translate as well as it could of.

Madman Entertainment’s R4 PAL release is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and has a choice of either a Korean or English soundtrack.


Trailers. That is it unless you consider an English dub-track as an extra.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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