Bordello of Blood


Most fans of late 80s horror are familiar with the HBO anthology series Tales From the Crypt and its host the Cryptkeeper. The show was arguably one of the best of its kind and it enjoyed a successful run unlike its attempts to crossover to the big screen with Demon Knight and Bordello Of Blood.

I never really got why Demon Knight got so ragged on by critics, I thought it was a blast and one of the best horror films of the 90s. Totally killer soundtrack too that really made things blow up for the band Filter with the prominent use of their tune “Hey Man Nice Shot”. Demon Knight had a poor run at the box office and as I mentioned was totally savaged by the majority of critics so it’s kinda surprising Bordello Of Blood got the green light. I guess Scream made horror flicks a more viable commodity so Universal decided to take the plunge hoping it would pay off (it didn’t). Although Bordello Of Blood isn’t nearly as good as Demon Knight it’s still a great example of a flick not taking itself to seriously and being a totally entertaining piece of junk food for the brain.

Former Baywatch star Erika Eleniak is on the hunt for her missing rebellious brother Corey Feldman who has fell into the clutches of some bloodsuckers using a whorehouse as a lure for potential prey. Feldman really injects some laughs into the flick and plays the over the top part with glee. Dude’s no Edgar Frog in this one but it’s easily one of his better roles since his 80s heyday.

Those viewers expecting Eleniak to bare some flesh like in her role in Under Siege will be disappointed as she plays the role of a squeaky clean prudish Christian. Perhaps this was her downfall as I don’t remember her being in anything big budget after this outing. Eleniak’s character Katherine enlists in the help of a private eye Rafe Guttman (comedian Dennis Miller) to help her find her wayward brother. If you’re a fan of Denis Miller’s stand-up comedy this film is well worth your time as it’s filled with his trademark style of humour.

Bordello Of Blood sets its target on religion and is at the butt of most of it’ humour. Fright Night’s Chris Sarandon tears it up as a totally overblown psycho evangelist Rev Jimmy Current who has awoken the vampire queen Lilith (Angie Everhart) to rid the world of the sinners and lowlifes who frequent the brothel. Current is able to control Lilith because he is in possession of the vial of blood from Demon Knight but of course the good Reverend is tricked out of the vial and all hell breaks loose. It’s up to the trio to put an end to Lilith and the vampires and set things right.

Plenty of gore and tongue in cheek humour make this a great watch and essential viewing for those with a taste for the cheesier side of cinema.

The only extra is the theatrical trailer which most people will more than likely miss because they will switch off before the credits finish rolling. There’s no mention of it on the cover and once again this is another Umbrella release with no menu. These guys should seriously sort it out because the quality of their releases is slipping with the recent half assed repackages.

I have no idea why the iconic Tales from the Crypt logo has been replace with some shitty free Halloween fonts on the cover but it looks awful and tacky. Beyond Entertainment has definitely stolen Umbrella’s crown when it comes to local releases of cult flicks with their all round tidier releases with a cheap price tag (and wow they even treat you to a menu!). Your money will be better spent tracking down a copy of the R1 Tales from the Crypt double feature disc which has a better edition of the film plus its predecessor Demon Knight.

A fun film anyway that is perhaps more worthy of a rental than a purchase due to it being a disappointing shoddy release. Another disc from Umbrella that I’d advise holding off buying to it hits the clearance bin.

Available on R4 DVD from Umbrella Entertainment.

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