Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas


A low budget entry into the comedy horror stakes, this is part of a continuing series of flicks starring Caesar and Otto, all of which take a stab at the horror genre but with genuine love and understanding. With Deadly Xmas they’ve dragged in (or dusted off) Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Joe Estevez, Robert D’zar, even Lloyd Kaufman and given us a new twist on the old killer santa story.

Our stars Caesar (played by director Dave Campfield) and Otto (Paul Chomicki) are half brothers and losers.  Caesar is a failed actor while Otto is just, well, failed.  He’s been carrying a torch since highschool for Alison who has fallen on hard times herself (selling used shaving cream outta her car) so in desperation, and to impress Alison the boys apply to be traveling santas at the dubious home-run business Xmas Enterprises.

Turns out Otto makes a great santa but Caesar fails the audition because he actually has a fear of Santa Claus!  Instead he manages to talk the dodgy owners of Xmas Enterprises into funding a low budget horror film, with Caesar as director and star. Meanwhile bad santa Demian (played by CKY’s Deron Miller) is on a killing spree, inspired by the guest list of Caesar’s last failed thanksgiving dinner.  With dream sequences, Dr. Phil pisstakes, a wonderful homage/tribute to Linnea’s death in Silent Night Deadly Night and ongoing gags about low budget film making this film gets a little confusing at times but if you persevere (and believe me Dave’s acting takes perseverance) it starts to come together and in the end with a great twist on santa/satan and enough dumb ass clichés/homages to the horror/slasher flicks of our misspent youth this film turns out pretty damn good. For a low budget slasher comedy that is.

I’m still trying to work out how Dave Campfield won best actor at the Horrific Film Festival though.  Must have been a very small field of contenders is all I can say.  Paul Chomicki however is the real deal.  Now if he had won it would make sense.

Hell just enjoy the movie, bad acting, low budget, minor mishaps and all. This lot obviously love the genre, there’s plenty of piss taking but it’s without vitriol or bad manners, it is with love that they point out the foibles and failures in low budget films and that, well that makes the difference.

Extras: Three Commentary Tracks (Director, Cast/Crew, Actors), Alternate Scenes, Behind The Scenes Featurette, Short Film : Piggyzilla, Short Film: Otto’s First Job, Trailers andBonus Short Film: The Perfect Candidate.

DIRECTOR(S): Dave Campfield | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR: 2013 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Wild Eye/MVD Visual| RUNNING TIME: 83 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 16:9| REGION: All/NTSC | DISCS: 1

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