Camp Blood First Slaughter

CampbloodORDER DVD

Low budget, direct to video (sorry, direct to DVD) slasher flick that apparently is part of the Camp Blood franchise but not really – especially as it is also known as Camp Blood 3 but there are already three films in the trilogy! Don’t let facts get in the way though, that would assume intelligence on someone’s part and there isn’t much sign of that here.

After our pre title killings, with the sort of bad acting you usually only see at a school play, plus a little twist to add some spice, we get on with the story.

Half a dozen teenagers who are doing a College course on Urban Legends are sent out to the woods by their lecturer to investigate the legend of Camp Blood and the Clown Killer. This is after the lecturer shows them a ‘found’ video of the killer slaughtering two teenagers! So of course, armed with cameras, phones and attitude the kids go out and are slaughtered straight away!! (that’s not a spoiler really, it just happens). Then while you are scratching your head thinking “what the…” we suddenly dip into found footage territory when ‘three months later’ the kids’ cameras, phones and electronic devices are found and patched together and shown on the local news channel. Because of course, any responsible news service will show the slaughter of teenagers on primetime TV.

So now we can continue the story which makes me wonder why we just didn’t do that anyway? But I digress, from here on in it’s straight up old school slasher turf, knocking off Friday 13th sure but with a Blair Witch cash in to boot, complete with a “crazy Ralph” type, low grade fx, too much digital blood, asthmatic masked killer, various cameras, devices, crackle and pov and even a ‘surprise’ twist…just to try and tie up the loose ends. Not sure that it does but they try. Of course there has to be another twist but … well let’s say that it makes no sense at all and ruins what had at least made some sort of sense finally.

With a decap, a machete in the face, a machete thru the mouth, axes in chests, cut throats, split heads and lots of digital blood (unfortunately) thrown in, there is some low grade gore fun for the hounds but really this is the sort of flick you watch because you are a completist. That’s if you have even seen the other Camp Blood movies. I haven’t and I don’t think I’m going to rush out to find them. And just how many bands are there out there named Ghost anyway???

Director: Mark Polonia / USA / 2013 / MVD Visual / 85 Mins / 1:33:1 / NTSC Region: 0 / 1 disc

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