The Walking Dead [Volumes 1 and 2]

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Zombies are a horror trope that have gone through a number of phases in their undead history. Originally, they were very much the subject of pulp from their voodoo origins as unwilling victims brought back from the dead to serve evil masters. Then, in 1968, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead changed the perception of the zombie forever, making them very much a harbinger of apocalyptic visions. It became a creature of the horde, shuffling flesh-eating masses that inexorably consume mankind in a variety of siege situations.  Continue reading

The Pocket Book of Boosh

The Pocket Book of Boosh is exactly the same as the larger (hard covered) Mighty Book of Boosh except it is pocket sized and its hardly even pocket-sized. The only pocket that it fitted in of mine was my German army  parka. The pocket book is also supposed to come with a denim slip, mine didn’t, but I am in NZ so maybe it’s a different edition or something, or someone stole the cover in the shop.

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