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Comedy Central Roasts is a triple DVD pack featuring the Roasts of William Shatner, Denis Leary and Flavor Flav. I’ll put it bluntly – Roasts are not for those who find racial, homosexual and gender stereotypes and insults unfunny. The content contained on these three discs is offensive and at times absolutely disgusting but is never mean spirited. If you love taboo humour or are a fan of any of the three men featured in the set then read on.


I’ve never seen Star Trek and don’t really know much about the man, but when it comes to Roasts not knowing much about the person doesn’t really matter. Sure you don’t get the odd joke but people tend to rip on appearance and scandals. Everything from Shatner’s bad career choices, hair and weight were targets. Jeffery Ross and Betty White were on fire throwing some really great insults, not only at Shatner but at the other folk on the dais. An extremely wicked and thoroughly enjoyable Roast. Extras: Red Carpet Interviews (8 mins), Behind the Scenes(4 mins), Making of the Roast (2mins)


Hands down the best Roast in the set. Kat Williams is the Roastmaster and gives Flav one hell of a roasting along with Carrot Top, Greg Geraldo, Lisa Lamapnelli, Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop Dogg, Jeff Ross, Patton Oswald and Brigette Nielsen.

Sure he’s an easy target, Flav is extraverted, quirky and just plain weird. From cracks about his well, crack habit to his many children, reality shows and his appearance (he’s compared to a California raisin), this is one funny ass Roast. Snoop Dog has to be the standout Roaster in this episode, he had me in tears. Especially his remark about Flav throwing up gang signs backstage but it was really just his arthritis.

Extras: Red Carpet Interviews (33 mins), Backstage Pass Pre-Show (1 min), Backstage Pass Post-Show (1 min), Flavor Flav Gives a Tour (1 min), Flav-Cam (6 mins).


Jeff Garlin is the Roastmaster this time around and Denis receives roastings from: Marion Cantone, Nick DiPaolo, Adam Ferrara, Gina Gershon (who delivers hers in a song and dance), Colin Quinn, Dr Dre and Ed Lover, Lenny Clarke and even Denis’ priest gets in on the action. There’s also tapped clips from Michael J Fox, Conan, Peter Gallagher, Joe Montagne, Christopher Walken and Jon Stewart.

This Roast was the least entertaining of the set. My dislike for Leary aside (I’ve always found him to be a second-rate Bill Hicks), this Roast was pretty dull and the insults were not as witty or scandalous as the other two episodes on the set.

Extras: Denis’ Rebuttal Uncut (22 mins), Red Carpet Outtakes (4 mins), Dr. Dre and Ed Lover Movie Segment Uncut (4 mins), Patrice Oneal as Ruben Stoddard (2 mins).

Well worth purchasing or renting for the Flav and Shatner Roasts alone. Seriously, this collection has some of the most foulest and genuinely funny gags, insults and jokes that I have ever heard. Very entertaining stuff.

There’s a decent selection of extras and at a retail price of $29.99 this collection is a great alternative to buying each Roast individually.

DIRECTOR(S): Various | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2011 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Punchline / Beyond Home | RUNNING TIME: 270 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 4:3 | REGION: All | DISCS: 3

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