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Full Moon are notorious for their low budget “so bad it’s good” (and in some cases just unbelievably fucking shit) flicks and along with Troma they are the kings of this particular style of filmmaking… if you could call it that. There definitely are a lot of Full Moon’s flicks that basically smear shit across your screen and leave you feeling brain damaged but in some cases they get it right. Demonic Toys is one of the cases where Charles Band and company actually managed to pull together a pretty cool flick.

The killer doll flick enjoyed a revival as a result of the success of Child’s Play and the early 90s saw a bunch of knock offs such as Dolly Dearest and Full Moon’s Puppet Master series. It could be argued that it was Band himself who really kicked off the possessed killer doll craze of the period by producing Stuart Gordon’s overlooked 1986 film Dolls. Stylistically Full Moon never really got out of this craze and the majority of their output since has been about killer dolls and tiny monsters.

Demonic Toys as you’ve probably guessed already, concerns itself with a group of possessed evil toys who run amok. Lead by Baby Oopsie Daisy (a foul mouthed baby doll and total knock off of everyone’s favorite Good Guy doll Chucky) the toys terrorize some poor folk who end up at a warehouse. The main goal of the toys is to capture a policewoman Judith Gray (Tracy Scoggins) in order for their master to be incarnated through her unborn child. Sounds like a fun night’s entertainment huh? Well it totally is. Demonic Toys is miles ahead of the Puppet Master series which I found hit and miss (mostly miss to be brutally honest) and I’d rank it as perhaps the most effective of the Child’s Play clones of the era. The toys are really Gothic and creepy looking compared to the more comical look of the later era of the Child’s Play films which serves the film well. Dark in tone but still good humored enough to be fun Demonic Toys is a great watch that I’d recommend (along with Dolls) to fans of the subgenre and detractors of Full Moon.

Big Sky/Beyond Entertainment are slowly becoming my favorite of the local DVD companies. They have been consistently bringing out solid releases of some of my favorite cult classics at an affordable price with artwork that sticks closely to the original. Cover artwork is something that I’ve become quite fussy about and have been getting annoyed with the poorly photoshoped crap a few companies have been flogging off to fans. It’s all about the complete package for me as a lot of the appeal to these kinda flicks is the nostalgia. 80s and early 90s films had such killer artwork it’s a shame to see it go to waste and be replaced by some modern looking tacky shit. The Demonic Toys disc is yet another testament of why I’m down with the company’s product. It stays true the original VHS artwork while offering the modern conveniences of special features. Sure the transfer is fullscreen but it doesn’t really take anything away from the viewing pleasure of throwing something like this in the player (in fact it adds to the old school feel of the whole deal). With its affordable price tag fans would be stupid not to pick this up. Great stuff and I’m looking forward to future releases from Big Sky/ Beyond. Can’t wait to see what they pull out of the vaults and give a local release.

Special Features:

  • Demonic Toys Trailer
  • Featurette: Behind the Scenes

DIRECTOR(S): Peter Manoogian | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 1992 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Big Sky Video / Beyond Home | RUNNING TIME: 72 minutes

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