Dolla Morte


My mind is constantly in the gutter and I’m usually chuckling away at shit I probably shouldn’t be, so reading the description of Bill Zebub’s Dolla Morte I was immediately drawn to it. I’ve always enjoyed humour that a lot of people out there find deeply offensive or un-PC. Lowbrow gross out toilet humour just appeals to me. You can take your sophisticated comedy and fuck off for all I care. Gimme some Andrew Dice Clay or throw on Freddy Got Fingered and I’m happy. Dolla Morte has enough of this style of humour to give your average moral majority tight-ass a conniption fit. I’d love to see the look on their faces if they were to witness the scene in this film where Osama Bin Laden castrates The Pope. That forehead vein would no doubt be throbbing like crazy and they’d be off to the cupboard to pull out their trusty “Ban Everything” protest placard.

Dolla Morte kicks off with a lengthy disclaimer delivered by no other than King Diamond (well the doll version) that Zebub and Co aren’t out to offend anyone and all celebrity likeness is coincidental. Along with this and all the warnings on the cover you’ve been well informed of the film’s contents and will know if it’s not your thing. Way too many people forget that there’s an off switch and I’m sure this flick will cop a bunch of shit if it gets a wide release.

Essentially this is a little over an hour of a grown man playing with dolls enacting lurid situations to tell a tale of George W Bush trying to doom humanity, kill the pope and crucify as many women (Barbie dolls with customised nipples and bush) under orders from none other than Adolf Hitler. Great mindless trash for sure, the humour does get one dimensional after awhile but whatever, a comedy flick’s purpose is to make you laugh and Dolla Morte does just that. I’m not gonna be the guy that tells you all the jokes because I hate feeling like all the humour is second hand when I throw on a comedy flick. Let’s just say if you like your punchlines to involve sodomy, racism, semen, blasphemy and blood you’ll not be disappointed. Plenty of nods to cult classics like Cannibal Holocaust too.

The gross out/let’s try and offend everyone premise does get a little tired and isn’t really pulled off with the finesse of say Robot Chicken or Team America: World Police (but those guys had a way bigger budget to play with so if you take that into account Zebub pulls this off pretty well) so I found myself getting more than a little bored by the end. Still this was entertaining enough and there were a couple of classic scenes that were hilarious making it well worth the time of toilet humour aficionados. Be sure to keep this one away from easily offended puritans and don’t mix it up with your kid’s movies! Ah fuck it you should do just that, you’ll get a kick out of people’s reactions just like I got a kick out of the sheer audacity of some of the twisted shit Bill Zebub has crammed into Dolla Morte’s 70 minute running time.

Not much in the way of extras aside from a trailer but this isn’t really the kind of flick that needs a 2 hour documentary to explain the intricacies of its special effects or deep social and political message. All up this is a cool release that’s made me eager to check out more from Bill Zebub and as well as delve into Wild Eye’s catalogue.

DIRECTOR(S): Bill Zebub | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2006 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Wild Eye | RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 4.3 | REGION: 0 | DISCS: 1

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