Albert Pyun dropped some great flicks on the laps of me and my fellow trash fiends including one of my favourite fantasy films The Sword and the Sorcerer. During the late 80s and early 90s he was at his peak with flicks like Cyborg, Bloodmatch and the completely underrated Kickboxer 2 (gimme this one over the original any day). This period of his career saw him team up with Charles Band and everyone’s favourite zero budget production company Full Moon to give us Dollman.

Dollman is what you get when there’s a head on collision with Band’s previous productions Future Cop (aka Trancers) and Puppet Master. The results are less of a train wreck than one would expect, in fact Dollman is an example of the Full Moon formula working. Despite its over the top ridiculous premise Dollman kicks ass and is a killer flick.

Tim Thomerson plays the role of Brick Bardo, (great name huh?) a space cop who crash lands on earth while in pursuit of his nemesis. Bardo is normal sized on his home planet but on Earth he is a mere 13 inches. A mere setback isn’t enough to stop a badass like Brick Bardo and with the help of a woman and her son he becomes friends with he sets out to stop Braxton Reid’s evil scheme. Bardo has his work cut out seeing as his stature makes insects a lot more deadly and Reid recruiting the local street gang doesn’t help make things any easier.

The Full Moon catalogue is filled with before they were famous appearances of actors and writers perhaps most notably Helen Hunt, Megan Ward and writer David S Goyer. Dollman has Watchmen star and Freddy Krueger Mk II Jackie Earle Haley cast as the villain Braxton Red in one of his early roles.

Plenty of great moments that only a film of this type can deliver, Dollman is a blast. If you dug Future Cop this will be right up your alley. Dollman was followed by a sequel pitting him against the Demonic Toys crew that didn’t really repeat the elements that made this one so great.

No doubt this film will have its detractors but come on you’d have to be blind to not know what you were letting yourself in for when you chose to throw this into your player. Dollman doesn’t try and sugar-coat what it is and embraces its trashy elements creating a fun film. Switch your brain off for awhile and jump aboard. A great example of what “B-movies” should be. Bound to be gracing a cheap bin near you soon so check it out.

Extras include a Featurette and Big Sky trailers.

DIRECTOR(S): Albert Pyun | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 1991 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Big Sky / Beyond Home | RUNNING TIME: 78 minutes

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