Elvis Meets Nixon

Elvis-NixonElvis Meets Nixon is a mockumentary-TV movie about Elvis’s expedition to the Whitehouse to become a Federal Marshall for the DEA. I am a HUGE Elvis fan and was jumping up and down with joy when I found about this film. Elvis Meets Nixon is a comedy/satire and is one of the most awesome Elvis movies out there. The movie claims to be fact, but I don’t really care if it is or not. When Elvis pulls a gun out in a ghetto-donut shop, hassles hippies, shoots TV screens, stuffs his face, plays with his guns in the most inappropriate of places, I believe it is true. The man seemed to have had no boundaries, no limits and was so far out of the real world that these things wouldn’t even register as wrong in his head. The only thing that was overtly wrong in the film was the fact that Elvis drinks Coke, when we all know he was a Pepsi man.

The basic plot is that Elvis breaks away from Graceland and flies all the way to Washington DC. He hasn’t been without his bodyguards for like 20 years, and he has never EVER flown solo. Within 24 hours he flies to LA and then back to DC. His main goal is to become Federal Marshall for the DEA to help stop the war on drugs. He eventually gets to the Whitehouse after hanging around the streets of LA and interacting with everyday people. The final 15 minutes of the film focus on his meeting with Nixon (which really did happen, there is a photo of it).

Elvis basically hangs out with the Memphis Mafia, hangs out on planes and has a ball, runs around LA ragging on hippies and in between all this eats copious amounts of food. I loved the fact that he was relentless in his anger towards hippies, the Beatles (I’m not sure if he really hated them, if so I’m sure it was for advocating drugs) and the Vietnam protesters. The scenes in which Elvis was communicating with the general public probably would have been exactly as they are portrayed. He enters a hippie record store and is just so out of touch with what is going on in the world around him that it’s almost sad. I hold so much respect for Elvis, and even though I have Elvis figurines and a handbag, and like to watch movies that poke a little fun, I truly respect him for the impact he had on music and pop culture. I think he was an amazingly talented and very handsome person, and when you see what he was reduced to it’s rather sad. Had the world of fame not obscured him from reality to such an intense degree, he might have lived a lot longer. He hated drugs (pot, lsd), yet didn’t really understand that what he was putting in his body everyday was pretty much worse than pot. So through all the funniness in this film, a little bit of sadness came through and I don’t really think it intended to. Elvis Meets Nixon is very naive and honest in its portrayal of the Elvis Hollywood tries so hard to keep locked away.

Now, for a bit on the impersonation of Elvis. This is in no way the best portrayal of Elvis at all. What sets this movie apart is that they show Elvis in all his narcissistic glory. The jewelery, the cape, the swagger, the lips, the accent (although he does sound a lot like Johnny Bravo), Elvis Meets Nixon is a film that does not only portray The King as a handsome, charming and intellectual man.This film shows him in all his soda drinking, burger eating, candy bar, donut, peanut butter and banana sandwich crazed binges. Oh and Benjamin Horne from Twin Peaks is also in the film! Richard Nixon doesn’t exactly get away with an amazing portrayal either, he is neurotic, creepy and is portrayed as a scheming cry-baby when he hides in his office and compiles an “Enemies List” and incessantly wines about the protesters outside the Whitehouse.

This is one flick you have to check out, if you’re not an Elvis fan, then watch it because it’s probably the most entertaining history will ever get. If someone tells you you’re dumb for not watching movies, and you can’t be bothered watching a 4 hour documentary on The Cold War Get a copy of this and then tell them something they didn’t know. I swear, even if you hate Elvis that you’ll get a smile or two out of this flick. Elvis could give Snoop Dogg a run for his money, I mean the cape, the jewelery, the cane…he looks like a total pimp and the ladies can’t keep their eyes off him.

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