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If you’re anything like me the sight of a chainsaw wielding Tommy Chong on the cover of a DVD about a killer bong just screams out WATCH ME! Shit sounds great right?

Evil Bong is Full Moon delving into the stoner/college kid comedy. It’s a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously just like the viewer shouldn’t.

Evil Bong is the story of four roommates in a college dorm who order a possessed bong which dispatches them and their friends one by one and traps them inside of it. The bong is possessed by a soul swallowing demon named Eebee who takes the souls of those who take a hit from it. It’s up to a burnt out Tommy Chong to go head to head with Eebee and save day.

The voice of Eebee the bong gets a little annoying by the end of the film and the “funny” voice-over during the credits was really unnecessary. There’s definitely better films of this ilk out there but this one does have its moments particualry Jacob Witkin (Showgirls) who was hilarious as Larnell’s grandfather. There’s also cameos from Bill Mosely (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil’s Rejects) and various characters from other Full Moon flicks including Future Cop’s Tim Thomerson.

With a title like Evil Bong I was hardly expecting an epic complicated storyline but this film is really thin plotwise and gets a little drawn out for its short running time. In fact out of all the Full Moon stuff I’ve watched recently Evil Bong has the most minimal plot. This made the film uneven and the script could’ve done with some tweaking. Maybe Band got it right with the sequel.

All up this film is pretty fun and well worth your time if you’re in the mood for something mindless and a little bit goofy.

Special Features:
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  • Making of Evil Bong

DIRECTOR(S): Charles Band | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2006 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Big Sky / Beyond Home | RUNNING TIME: 83 minutes 

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