Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks

EvilDeadChris Seaver is a true renaissance man, with a list of movies including Terror at Blood Fart Lake, Deathbone: Third Blood Part 7, The Blood of Deathbone, Teenape Goes To Camp and Close Encounters Of The Inbred Redneck Kind he has set a new standard in straight to DVD, no budget badness. And let me tell you, it’s a standard many others wish they could reach.

His 2010 film Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks is 45 minutes of shit jokes, toilet humour, political incorrectness and fun – dumb fun but fun none the less

A group of teens (a Ramones clone, slutty babe, camp boyfriend, angry film nerd, photographer chick and a bloke dressed as a chick!) head out to a cabin in the woods on Halloween to watch porn and horror movies and get wasted and fuck only to end up reading a book of black magic that revives Leo Dechamp, leader of a 70s redneck hillbilly cult! One by one our teens are taken over by the spirits of cliché hillbillies proving they can overact in more than one role while Leo himself comes across like a smart Mick Foley (I know, that ain’t hard to do). Luckily Ramones boy and angry film nerd escape with the book of magic and set out to find the wizard Jock De Queaf who can save them all. When they find him, accompanied by topless nutter babe Lumpy, you ain’t sure if Jock is a wise mage or a fucking nutter but he’s entertaining none the less.

There’s a nice little tribute to HG Lewis too before our intrepid heroes revive the corpse of Michael Jackson to take on Leo and his minions cos after all as everyone knows the one weakness hillbillies have is black people giving them knowledge! Yes, it’s that kind of film!

At 45 minutes this flick doesn’t overstay its welcome (assuming you welcome no budget badness) and is so full of toilet humour, dumb lines and deliberate stupidity that you can’t help but laugh. Well, I couldn’t anyway. Purposely over acted, with a horror host named Grizzelda, lots of in-jokes, sexual banter and piss-takes as well as tributes to other b-grade flicks of the past, you couldn’t wish for anymore could you?

But wait there is more! This is a double feature with the bonus 50 minute 2009 film, I Spit Chew On Your Grave – another film of dumb lines, movie tributes and no budget stupidity featuring the Gash Nasties, three hot babes led by a warlock (who is a deliberate rip off of Bowie’s role in Labyrinth) who rape and rob rich white boys. The gals, Balls Deep, Love Jewce and Honey Lips hook up with Leo DeChamp (yes our redneck pal himself) after finding out he’s won the lottery and subject him to some ball stretching, fist fucking rape before stealing his lottery ticket and then indulging in a Benny Hill style chase scene. Leo is saved by a witch named Grizzelda(!) who trains him for vengeance (in a missing reel scene of course – this is no budget movie making after all) and Leo takes the Gash Nasties on in a hockey sockey kung fuey fight to the death.

Deliberately grainy, overacted and seriously NO budget this is a fucking funny film. There’s the warlock Gareth’s rape song, a cameo by Jock De Queaf, Leo’s friend Alan Dinning pretending he’s a black man, Grizzelda, the whole Labyrinth joke, more toilet humour, hot babes but unfortunately no real blood, guts or tits out… ah well you can’t have everything I guess.

This is not for everyone, hell I’m not sure it’s even for public consumption really but damn, I love this shit. Seaver and his crew have put the fun back into film making. Imagine what he could do if someone actually gave him some money?

The package is then completed with a shitload of trailers, from the hardcore Naked Nazi to Christmas Season Massacre, Inbred Redneck Vampires, the sword and sandal extravaganza Hardbone to a couple that even look good – Clay and the forthcoming Ms Cannibal Holocaust. I recommend beer, lots of it.

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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