Flesh for the Inferno

From the team that brought you The Disco Exorcist comes this fucked up, demonic, nunsploitation tale that has a real Lucio Fulci vibe to it.  Our story kicks off in 1999 when a kiddy fiddling priest at St. Christopher Middle School is confronted by the nuns who know what he’s been doing.  Things don’t quite go as planned though and once Mother Superior is dispatched with, our errant priest does an Edgar Allen Poe and walls the nuns up in the basement!  Jump to 2015 and a local church youth group come along to spend a weekend cleaning up the now derelict school.

Along with the leader Teddy we have his nephew Noah (Jamie Dufault), the mighty, mighty hot chick Kat (Anna Rizzo), the power couple Patton & Becca, academic gal Gwen, horny boy Chester, nice boy Ian and religious bible quoting nutter Meredith (Jamie Lynn Bagley). So there’s your heroic figures and victims sorted.  Oh and then there’s the young jaded caretaker Halsey (Sean Leser) who knows something ain’t right but doesn’t say a word.

With our cast in place, things quickly escalate, no time wasting or back story here, it’s straight in with eye gougings, old school latex fx, Teddy finding himself in a loop, coming back into the same room over and over, Gwen bashing her head against the wall (literally), Chester going out in style, Meredith blaming everyone else for bringing this punishment on with their sordid lives and Halsey sitting back observing. Our bricked up nuns are back and having sold their souls to the devil they’ve developed a nasty streak and a wicked sense of humour so the murders are vicious and the one-liners cutting.

When a couple of cops show up to investigate things get even messier. You see, their deaths open the door for the arrival of the big man himself – yes, the devil – to really get the party started.  And I have to say, Aaron Andrade plays Old Nick as one smooth mofo. Once he joins the fun body parts start poppin’ out, everyone gets mocked and tortured and finally the story comes together as the kids fall apart.  As our nasty nuns put it, “God’s work is all about suffering.” And boy do the kids suffer.

This is a film that will surprise some, sure its b-grade but there is a real style to this film, the set pieces work, the dialogue works and the devil is one serious son of a bitch.  The only weak link was the priest, get past his stilted dialogue at the start and then strap yourself in for a stylish nod to those great Eye-talian gore flicks of our youth. And trust me when I tell you, there are no happy endings when Satan is involved.

Special Features:

  • Crew Commentary
  • Cast Commentary
  • Trailers

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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