GG Allin + The Aids Brigade Live in Boston 1989


GG Allin + The Aids Brigade Live in Boston 1989 compiles some really awesome footage of GG as more of a rocker than a shocker. I love all eras of GG Allin but have a soft spot for the earlier eras and sadly I haven’t come across much footage of him performing with The Jabbers, Scumfucs, Aids Brigade etc, so this was a much anticipated release, for me anyway. But fear not, for those of ye who love watching GG roll around in his own shit, your needs are fulfilled as well.

First there’s a clip of Merle and GG practicing together, followed by an Aids Brigade rehearsal where they play: I Wanna Fuck Myself, Bite it You Scum, Cunt Sucking Cannibal, Expose Yourself to Kids and Gypsy Motherfucker. After this rehearsal footage is about 10 minutes worth of the Aids Brigade getting makeup and wigs applied. You see, GG was banned from the venue that they were set to play in, so to sneak him in they dressed in drag so nobody would recognise him. This was a pretty entertaining section, I mean GG and Merle talking as if they were in a beauty salon nattering away with the girls and then getting extremely excited when the guitar player’s hair ends up looking all New York Dolls-ish.

Next up is the 25 minute gig in which the Aids Brigade perform: Cunt on the Loose and Expose Yourself to Boys (they changed the titles since they were females for the night), Gypsy Motherfucker, Hanging Out With Jim, I Wanna Rape You, Bite it You Scum, Outlaw Scumfuc, I Wanna Fuck Myself and Cunt Sucking Cannibal. GG throws his knickers into the crowd and engages in some frottage but I didn’t notice his cock out at all. In contrast to other performances I’ve seen this show made me realise how much time he wastes rolling in shit, frankly I’d prefer to hear him sing rather than watch him play in doodie for the umpteenth time. I’d also like to comment that even without indulging in his typical antics he had an awesome stage presence and was not boring to watch. He kind of comes off as a demented mixture of Joey Ramone and Blondie but with red hair.

The quality of the footage ranges from good to bad, I don’t see why anyone would complain about such a thing when the footage isn’t that widely spread around. I’d watch it on a filthy VHS tape if I had to. I did notice that it looked better when played on a Blu-Ray compared to DVD player.

The extras on this release are awesome. You get two extra shows that run for over 40 minutes each.

First is Under The Rail, Seattle 5/26/93 . This performance runs for 47 minutes. In this show GG hassles Seattle, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Riot Grrrls, girls who wont shit on him, beats up the audience, poops on stuff, sets things on fire, wipes hiss ass with a Seattle newspaper, American flag and pages from a torn bible. We are treated to the following songs: Bite it You Scum, Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me, I Wanna Rape You, I Kill Everything I Fuck, Expose Yourself to Kids, Highest Power, Outlaw Scumfuc and Kill the Police. This show varies greatly to the Aids Brigade performance where GG sang entire songs and didn’t cause much of a spectacle. This performance is all spectacle, it’s the stuff people always want to see. Don’t get me wrong I love Bloodshed and Brutality era GG but it’s more of a novelty to hear and rarely see him perform with earlier bands.

Next up is The Roseland Theatre, Portland 5/27/93 which runs for 41 minutes. GG sets a Sub Pop t-shirt and a few other things he hates on fire and proceeds to beat up audience members. Set list is: Bite it You Scum, Look into My Eyes and Hate Me, I Kill Everything I Fuck, Expose Yourself to Kids, Cunt Sucking Cannibal, Highest Power, I Wanna Rape You, Outlaw Scumfuc and Kill the Police.

An absolute must have addition for any GG Allin fan, and big kudos to MVD for their awesome GG DVDs (check out others in the recommended viewing section), would be awesome if they could release all the DVDs Merle has for sale on GG’s website.

  • Bonus Footage

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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