50s B-Grade monster/eco-disaster movie “The Giant Gila Monster” is rebooted in this loving tribute from B-Grade King of Schlock director Jim Wynorski (Not Of This Earth, Sorority House Massacre II, Hard To Die, Ghoulies IV, House On Hooter Hill… the list goes on!)

In small town America the kids like nothing better than racing their cars, dancing, watching movies and just having fun. Little do they know though that some unscrupulous folk have been dumping toxic waste down in the caves and things are getting bigger, much bigger and when the giant Gila Lizard gets hungry well then the whole town is in trouble.

Surprisingly, for the man who brought us Witches Of Breastwick and House on Hooter Hill, Jim has really stayed faithful to the 50s ideal here, there’s no nudity, not much swearing, just clean cut kids facing off against a giant lizard who is very hungry. In fact the one real concession to the new millennium is the fact that the monster is a CGI creation. Otherwise we have the clean cut all American boy in Chase, his gal Lisa, Waco Bob, the greaser with a secret heart of gold,the hot bad girl Carla, the good ol’ boy sheriff, his female deputy who carries a little torch for him, the cantankerous Mayor, the Mayor’s lush wife, roller skatin’ waitresses, corny jokes, some rockabilly, a load of 50s classic cars (I mean seriously this is a Chevy lover’s wet dream) Chase’s crippled little sister, (he buys her braces for xmas – aw shucks), oh and Chase’s boss who just happens to have a room full of weapons and nitro glycerin (small town militia anyone?). Really that’s it.

A giant lizard comes a huntin’, after a few people get eaten the sheriff and Chase work out what is happening and, together with their friends, they load up on weapons and try and take that damn big monster outta the game.

There’s the subplot of Chase and Waco Bob feuding, there’s some beautiful cars, there’s a CGI lizard stompin’ around, hell it takes on a train at one point, there’s daft jokes, there’s the crippled sister and there’s fun, good clean wholesome fun.

Who’d a thunk it? Nostalgia never felt so right.


  • Slide Show
  • Tribute to the Giant Gila Monster
  • Original Trailer for the Giant Gila Monster
  • Trailer for the Gila
  • The Mushroom Song

DIRECTOR(S): Jim Wynroski | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2012 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Polyscope/MVD Visual | RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes 

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