Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

Lust-for-life A true rock n’ roll legend in every sense of the world Iggy Pop is one of the most charismatic performers every to set foot on the stage. The Godfather of Punk’s musical career has spanned over 30 years and has seen him experience many highs and lows none of which have deterred his determination to lay down some solid tunes that have been highly influential.

Lust For Life is a German documentary on Iggy from 1986, a period where Iggy was enjoying the success of his album Blah, Blah, Blah. This period was where his music broke through to the mainstream with the immensely popular single Real Wild Child (this song even made it on the soundtrack of Crocodile Dundee II!).

Lust For Life covers Iggy’s extensive career from his beginnings in Ann Arbor with The Iguanas (the band he took his stage name from), The Prime Movers to the legendary Stooges and his solo career which included several collaborations with David Bowie.

Iggy is interviewed during his German tour for Blah, Blah, Blah and we a treated to a first hand candid account of what went down over the years aswell as live footage from the Utrecht concert. This is intertwined with archival live and TV footage over the years and Iggy’s longtime friend Ron Ashton is also interviewed about The Stooges’ heyday. It was really interesting to get Ashton’s perspective of the Stooges years and with his recent passing this is a well deserved eulogy and tribute to his work.

A lot is crammed into the 41 minute runtime making this a great overview of the man and his music.

One of the highlights for me was the interview footage from a Canadian talkshow from 1977 when Punk Rock was beginning to break big with the success of the Sex Pistols Pop describes Punk Rock as a “…word used by dilatonts and heartless manipulators” and is scathing at the music industry turning great music into a gimmick and a fashion statement. This interview shows his great sense of humor and passion for making music with energy and soul.

My only complaint is the lack of subtitles as a few segments are narrated in German (most of the captions are in German too) and parts of the interviews with Ron Ashton are hard to hear at points.

Lust For Life although very brief is an entertaining documentary that gives an insight into Pop’s music and personality without dwelling on gossip or scandal. Fantastic live footage including a performance of Funtime with Bowie and early Stooges shows makes this a must for fans. More than just snippets of footage for the completists, Lust For Life is a great watch that will appeal to the diehards as well as the uninitiated.

Available on R0 DVD from MVD Visual. 

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