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Oh if only one could review films on the basis of what the director INTENDED rather than what they delivered. It would make reviewing a lot easier and there would be more happy directors out there. Case in point is Indie Director, a film from the prolific Bill Zebub, creator of many shorts and videos including the luridly titled Antfarm Dickhole, Forgive me for Raping You, Zombiechrist, Frankenstein the Rapist and more. With that pedigree and his no-doubt great enthusiasm and tireless efforts I had high-hopes for this film.

Ostensibly it’s designed to be a guide for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of indie filmmaking, with Zebub showing the pitfalls of going into a project (the film he is trying to make is Raped by a Rapist) with lots of enthusiasm and little money (in this case a reported $5000). Whilst that sounds admirable it doesn’t translate well to the screen. Scenes of talking-heads go on FOREVER (imagine a Kevin Smith film WITHOUT the witty dialogue) and the only real break in the monotony comes with brief scenes of female nudity from the Suicide-Girl-like cast members. I can only imagine the casting session in which he convinced these girls to “act” in his film..“yes, there WILL be nudity..but only topless!”.

Actress Angelina Leigh (star of other Bill Zebub films and fetish videos) is the star of the film, she steals the film with her sense of humour and acts everyone else off the screen.

It’s easy for me to sit here and cherry-pick faults at someone else’s efforts, but I have sat through enough low-budget films in my time to know that they don’t have to be boring…and isn’t that the cardinal sin of filmmaking..boring your audience?? If you are contemplating a career in film maybe that’s the ONE lesson you can take away from Indie Director?

The only extra on the disc is some bloopers.

DIRECTOR(S): Bill Zebub | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2013 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Grimoire/MVD| RUNNING TIME: 142 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 1:33:1 | REGION: 0 / NTSC | DISCS: 1

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