Killer Condom

Kiler-CondomORDER DVD

Based on a comic book by gay German artist Ralf König, Killer Condom is a deadpan horror / comedy that pokes fun at religion and politics while blatantly flaunting its pro-homosexual stance.

Sicilian born Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel, star of Herzog’s Kaspar Hauser and a coupla Michael Haneke flicks among other things) is a hardboiled, chain-smoking (even in the shower), trench coat-wearing detective patrolling the filthy, crime-ridden streets of New York… he also happens to be a flaming fag and has one of the biggest cocks around.

A string of crimes develops involving men’s cocks being ripped from their persons in room 308 of the hooker infested Hotel Quickie. Mackeroni is assigned to the case and soon discovers – not before losing a testicle, I might add – that a wave of razor-toothed “killer condoms” are behind the violent penectomies and sets out to exterminate them and take down to whoever is behind their creation. In between hunting for the fanged rubbers Mackeroni still finds time to fall in love with the hotels local rent boy and constantly fight off Babette / Bob, an ex lover and cop now turned drag queen / hooker.

I gotta say, I honestly expected more of Killer Condom, I mean, when I heard that Jorg Buttgereit and HR Giger were behind the design and special effects I was looking forward to a low budget German splatter-comedy and this is anything but. It’s more of a campy horror / crime comedy with elements of film noir and very little blood. Although, there are some genuinely funny moments such as when Mackeroni’s partner gets all leathered-up and goes undercover in a gay bar where he gets pissed on (offscreen) by a big hairy “bear” or when Mackeroni is asked why he doesn’t go for women and replies “I like firm male asses, not piss-flaps!”.

The title and cover art of Killer Condom look far more promising than the actual film, which is in essence a campy comedy. That aside, Killer Condom is still worth picking up especially if you dig schlock horror.

Killer Condom is a Troma import and released in NZ by Vendetta Films. The film is presented in German with English subtitles.

  • Tour of Troma studios
  • Special private Troma public service announcements
  • Commentary with director Martin Walz, Jorg Buttgereit and lots of beer

DIRECTOR(S): Martin Walz | COUNTRY: Germany / Switzerland | YEAR 1996 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Vendetta Films | RUNNING TIME: 107 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: n/a | REGION: 0 | DISCS: 1

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