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Mondo Collecto is a quirky shot-on-video low budget documentary laced with Mondo-esque qualities; from interludes of 60s style Go Go dancers, to the mix of real and fictional characters and subjects. This film does emulate some Mondo film qualities but isn’t consistent with narration or pattern or have the usual blatant exploitive agenda like most Mondo films have.

The film has many amusing subjects in it, one of them being director Ted V Mikels (Corpse Grinders, Astro Zombies) who in my opinion was the highlight of the film. He is shirtless for the duration of his segment, and talks so lovingly about his collection of weapons, including cross bows, swords, a mace and a model catapult (which with he uses to fling rocks at little soldiers) he also treats us to a little performance playing his accordion.

All of the collectors are memorable but the Pez collector hands down had the best dialogue, stating the reason he loves Pez is because they look like penises and eating Pez is like eating candy from a penis. He proclaims he wants to die of eating Pez, and doesn’t mind if he dies young, naked and handsome from a toxic Pez overload.

Another collector who, in my eyes, seemed to play up the protective nature of collectors is the singer from Impaler, he takes us through his collection of Universal Monsters, Kiss dolls, Halloween masks and rants and raves about Halloween and the preciousness of his cherished items. Other collectors include a scantily clad lady who collects religious (mostly Jesus) items. She proceeds to drink the blood of Christ by downing at least 60  Shots of wine, and then eats the body of Christ (crackers) and then throws up. Sure it seems a little planned but it is great entertainment.

From a politically incorrect gun toting bastard to a creepy guy with Indian porn, a crazy hillbilly in a Mankind / Leatherface-ish mask and a melon fucker, there is bound to be something in here that will make you laugh, that will make you cringe, or make you feel assured that there are indeed nuts out there like yourself who are just as obsessive about their collections.

If you are an avid collector of anything, you might find this film interesting, from the items people collect, to their personal attachments and philosophies of said items, Mondo Collecto offers a personal and in-depth look into the mind set and obsessions of collectors.

  • Drunk Dialed by Ted V Mikels
  • 2 deleted scenes
  • Original internet trailer
  • 1 easter egg

DIRECTOR(S): R.P. Whalen | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2006 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Screener | RUNNING TIME: 87 minutes 

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