Moral Orel

Moral-Orel1Deep in the heart of small town Amerikkka, stop motion cartoon boy Orel Puppington just wants to do the right thing by God. But the lord’s lessons don’t always work when applied in the real world. You find that out pretty damn quick when in the first episode little Orel hears that wasting your life is like spitting into the face of God, so being the God fearing Jesus worshipping lad he is, Orel decides to start resurrecting the dead. Finding a handy copy of the Necronimicon in the ‘books to be burnt’ pile at the library, Orel and his buddy soon unleash a town full of brain sucking zombies before Orel is ordered to “The Study” by his dad where he learns that it isn’t the mayhem that has people upset, but the nudity. As the lost 11th commandment says “Thou shalt be ashamed of thy natural anatomy.” Once the zombies are dressed then the blood and carnage can continue! All this in just the first ten minute episode.

Little Orel then takes us on a journey thru masturbation, drug taking, dick piercing, alcoholism, drinking urine and lost commandments… while Dad drinks himself into oblivion and Mum cleans everything – including the cleaning agents. Every episode inevitably ends up with Orel being sent to “The Study” for the strap and a little lesson on life from dad. Whether it’s the fact that protestants are dull or that work sucks or that ‘sperm is for procreation not recreation’ there’s always something new to learn for Orel: 15 episodes of life, learning and family values in fact. Plus your usual bonus tidbits, scraps and episodic commentary.

Ok, that’s the sweet stuff out the way – what sort of madman thought this up?! I mean, an eleven year old that impregnates half the town with a pastry bag, resurrects the dead, sells his own urine as a sports drink, smokes crack, gets a prince Albert, collects religious action figures… this Dino guy has a serious problem. And the Christmas episode! Christ on a crutch that was the bleakest damn thing I’ve seen in ages – little Orel mistakenly thinks his 7 yr old slightly nuts, still being weaned, brother is the second coming of Christ – meanwhile Mum and Dad have split up because the kid isn’t his and Orel is left waiting for a sign from God that it’s all going to be ok, while Dad sits at the bar being felt up by his buddy (who probably is the father of the brat) and the screen just goes blank. OWWW! Don’t know what happened to Dino as a child but he’s got it in for the god fearing protestant folk of middle Amerikkka and I hope he doesn’t stop.

Not laugh out loud funny, not funny peculiar, just plain strange funny like when you first saw that boys and girls were different, that sort of strange inquisitive something here isn’t right kinda funny. And you know that once you found that stuff out… you always went back for more.

  • Director’s Cuts
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Episode commentaries
  • Behind-the-scenes featurette
  • The infamous Comic-Con 2006 panel with commentary
  • Network bumpers

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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