National Geographic: Dino Death Match / T.Rex Ultimate Survivor


Dino Death Match:

In 2006, at Hell Creek in Montana, a rare fossil was found. Given the name “The Dueling Dinosaurs”, the fossil consists of two dinosaurs who appear to have killed each other during a fight. One is a smaller sized carnivorous tyrannosaurid and the other a larger herbivore.  What’s all the excitement about? The smaller dinosaur may provide evidence to back up the theory of a different type or tyrannosaur dubbed the Nanotyrannus.

It’s a bit murky in regards to what the dinosaur is. Some people think that this dinosaur and another in the series called Jane are Nano-saurs while others say they could be juvenile T-Rex’s. The fossils are privately owned so not many scientists have been able to study it.

T.Rex Ultimate Survivor

Probably the better episode of the two, this episode looks at the immune system and impressive healing properties of the T.Rex…. as well as it being a kick ass creature with insanely lethal abilities. Your kids will pick up lots of facts from this episode..

Phil Manning, Professor of Natural History from Manchester England visits various American museums and Universities on the trail to find out more about how T.Rex survived often brutal and violent events. One dinosaur fossil he examines had about 2/3rds of his tail bitten off and there’s sign of healing on the bone which means he survived the attack. T.Rex had foot-long teeth and a bite with the force of 12 thousands pounds and they often fought each other as shown by the nasty tail bite of the poor T.Rex fossil.

Both episodes run for 44 minutes and are packed with lots of information, some cool CGI battles and facts to satisfy any dino-nut. My pre-schooler is really into dinosaurs but found this a bit scary so it’ll be put a way for a later date, so very suited to school age kids with an interest in dinosaurs, and of course armchair paleontologists.

No extras on this release but on the case it states: “A portion of the proceeds from this title supports the National Geographic Society’s nonprofit work in conservation, exploration, research, and education”.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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