Need More Love: A Graphic Memoir


Need More Love: A Graphic Memoir by Aline Kominsky Crumb is a 383 paged mammoth book/journal/comic and art filled scrapbook. The title comes from Aline’s outlook that people in general need more love in their lives. 

Aline utilizes photographs and comics to move her story forward from her turbulent childhood to her liberated teenage years. And from her childhood to her teenage years and wild sex life, boy this woman has stories. Not a single era of this book is boring in any way. Aline K- Crumb doesn’t tend to write or draw in the critical style that her husband does, although she is very critical of herself. Despite some seemingly self-loathing parts the book is a celebration of a fascinating and happy life.

Aline tends to draw herself – in the comic parts – as a very ugly and almost monstrous character, the truth is she is an inspiring woman who has real beauty both in mind and spirit. Her ideas and struggles regarding beauty, weight and love are going to appeal to any young woman who doesn’t conform to societies standards of beauty or femininity.

It’s well worth the purchase price for anyone who is even the remotest bit interested in Aline or her comix. I would go as far to say that even Crumb fans (who mostly seem to resent Aline) might even enjoy this, as R. Crumb is indeed featured in a large portion of the book (in comic and photograph form). He also centres around most of her stories. If you liked R. Crumb’s The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb I would highly recommend you check out Need More Love.

The mixture of comics, journals, memorabilia, illustrations and photos makes the book impossible to put down, it’s a visual feast for the eyes that will captivate you from start to the end.

Available in Hardcover

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