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Crimson Celluloid: As a fellow devotee of sleaze what, to you, is the difference between good sleaze and bad sleaze?

Ashley Blue: Sleaze is always good. Bad sleaze is just good sleaze, and therefore redundant. The more someone grosses me out, the cooler that shit is. The only bad in the world is the boring.

You were justifiably known as the “queen of extreme” in porn, a woman who would try pretty much anything once. Was there ever a time you thought “I’ve gone too far” or “this is going to kill me?”.

Yes, when I did my first gang bang. Seven cocks roughed me up and ripped my holes until I was just obliterated in a wheel barrel. The movie is called, Seven the Hard Way, Red Light District produced it. Great sleaze in that one!

Despite your willingness to try almost anything you draw the line at being involved with Muslims (judging by a cool interview I saw)…this made me fall in love with you a little bit more. Where did this vehement hatred come from?

I was an angry teenager growing up. Then I started porn at age 20, so I was still an angry teenager at heart. I hated my mom and dad, my entire family. I was resentful that my dad ignored me and my mom was a drug addict. I had a lot of energy to put into my scenes that came from my emotions inside.

I had the pleasure of meeting Max Hardcore, he worked with you early on and spoke highly of you. What memories do you have of the experience? Like you, he has a public persona of being an extreme individual but, in his private life, is one of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

Max Hardcore is my friend. He is a porno icon and innovative performer. He has shown me, and the world many things we still practice, such as: upside down face fucking, anal gaping, face speculum, as well as various other uses for a speculum.

Are people surprised when they meet you how “normal” you are? What kind of feedback do you get from fans/fetishists? Any weird/scary encounters?

Sometimes I get letters from prisons. That’s always a little scary.

You must have met some real bottom-feeders (all rimming jokes aside) in the porn industry. Dish the dirt on the people you love and hate in the industry.

I love them all. For every flaw and perfect imperfection. Porno People are so fun. Never a dull moment

You were refreshingly honest and open in your great book Girlvert no sugar-coating, some embarrassing truths, a wonderful author pic of you with your fist in your mouth (when was the last time you saw that on a Stephen King book….or wanted to see that on a Stephen King book?!!)…it’s hard to imagine you left anything out…what kind of feedback have you received on the book? Did you leave anything out?

Thank you! I am so honored to even be mentioned in the same sentence of such a great writer. My book’s feedback has been very supportive and I couldn’t be happier with the response from women, feminists, men, porn fans and other non-sex industry people. Thanks guys!

You sometimes personally enclose locks of your pubic hair with signed books (an idea I believe you stole from John Grisham)….this is a nice touch. Will the follow-up book contain bodily-fluids?

I didn’t know John Grisham did that! Sweet 🙂 I love The Firm. I don’t know though, if the right edition and limited art run happens, I promise to include a personal piece of filth.

If you were to initiate someone into the world of Ashley Blue, which films would you recommend they watch and why? Which films are your favourites?

It’s very easy. Just watch the entire Girlvert series from 2-19. Then all the Attention Whores series. White Trash Whore 30 and my Inside The Porn Actor’s Studio special on Howard Stern TV.

What advice would you give someone just off the bus, arriving in Hollywood, with a career in porn in mind?

Guys need a big dick. Girls need to be pretty enough. That is basically it for success.

What is the day-to-day life of Ashley Blue like these days?

I write for Hustler Magazine and review for AVN Magazine. So, I’m writing and working on that, and having a great time with my Husband, Dave Naz.

Promote your blog, hype your book here.

davenaz.com/oriana, @girlvert on twitter and Instagram

Any final words for your Aussie/NZ fans?

It would be so cool to visit your country! Both! I can’t wait! Someday I will 🙂

Order Girlvert: A Porno Memoir here.

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