The Damned – Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead [Blu-ray + DVD]

damned-dvdDon’t You Wish That We Were Dead is a three year labour of love by film maker Wes Orshoski whose last subject was the legend that is Lemmy.

This time Orshoski tackles UK punk pioneers The Damned, first UK punk band to release a 45 (the classic New Rose), the first LP in Damned, Damned, Damned and the first Limey punks to tour the US of A. All this and yet they still don’t get the accolades they deserve, or at least that’s the way the band sees it. Nor the money which is a re-occurring theme through out the doco. This is a band who fell apart, got back together, feuded, argued, have now split into two camps and still complain about the bucks! It would almost be funny except for the fact we’ll probably never see the original band playing together again.

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Nirvana: Come As You Are

come-as-you-areNirvana – Come As You Are is a  rare live television concert from 1992.

I have to warn you that the release is not the greatest quality. Visually it is very pixelated to begin with and remains murky throughout from afar, but when the cameras are up close it’s a lot better. The audio isn’t super great, but it’s not terrible.

The DVD cover is a bit misleading as it features In Utero-era Cobain. To some this will be a cash-in item, but for Nirvana enthusiasts the chance to see any rare shows and own them will be worth the purchase price.  I couldn’t find out where the performance was, I am thinking maybe South America, comment below if you know.

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Dead End Drive-In [Blu-Ray]

dead-endBrought to us by Ozploitation icon Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey ShootThe Man From HongKong, BMX Bandits) our story starts with a string of disasters including racial riots in Sydney, a nuclear disaster in the Pacific and the crash of Wall Street leading to a dystopian future where the economic chaos means Tow Trucks fight it out for business, cops are corrupt and the kids form gangs of carboys, roaming the roads stripping cars and raising hell.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople [Blu-Ray]

wilderpeopleTaika Waititi has been a talent constantly on the rise. First making his name as an actor, he then broke through as a director with the Oscar-nominated short film Two Cars, One Night before a sequence of feature films drew him further into the spotlight. As such, this may be his last New Zealand film for a while, as he has at time of writing been deep in directing Thor 3: Ragnarok. If this really is the send-off for his laid-back style of local filmmaking, it’s a hell of a way to finish.

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Thankskilling 3

thankskilling-3-coverIn 2008 there was Thankskilling, a no budget slasher parody made for just thirty five hundred bucks ($3500!) that starred Turkie, a demonic turkey back from the dead who hunts down and kills a bunch of teenagers on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving. Dumb, cheap, played for laughs but genuinely funny while obviously showing a true love for the genre which it mocked, Thankskilling’s cult status enabled the team behind it to raise an amazing one hundred and twelve grand plus change ($112,000!) via kickstarter to bring us Thankskilling 3 – a movie so insane I had to watch it three times before I could even attempt to review it!  (and sober up – the drinking game attached to it will kick your arse)

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