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I always thought Jeff Burr would’ve had more success within the genre, From A Whisper To A Scream was a solid anthology flick that I thought showed a lot of promise at what Burr had to offer.

Burr however just ended up helming a bunch of sequels such as Leatherface, Stepfather II, and Pumkinhead II. I’m fairly fond of those flicks especially Leatherface, but they were the last time he really got to work with any sort of budget or anything high profile.  Burr kinda got lost in the pre-Scream lull making a handful of forgettable low budget flicks that were typical of the period in horror.  Puppet Master 5 is another instance of Burr on sequel duty (he also directed Puppet Master 4).

It’s a long standing tradition in horror to have sequel state it’s “The Final Chapter” and of course this never actually eventuates and more sequels are made.   The Puppet Master series really should’ve ended after this one because it produced some real stinkers like Curse Of Puppet Master which was basically just stock footage.  But movie monsters never die tastefully do they?  Those guys are always flogged to death and every drop of blood that can make a few bucks is squeezed from them.

The Final Chapter is of course edited out of the new artwork of this disc which I guess makes my tape a bit of a novelty item.  That tape has sat on my shelf unwatched for years, I don’t know why because I enjoyed this film. I guess I just forgot about it, not being the biggest fan of this patchy series.

Puppet Master 5 takes off where the fourth film left off.   I missed the previous film but got filled in on the details of what happened by a handy flashback montage.  The new puppet master Rick Myers (Gordon Currie) finds himself in custody, arrested and blamed for the murders that occurred in Puppet Master 4.  Rick is a bit of a geek when it comes to robots so the police believe he programmed the toys to kill off a bunch of people.  Rick is bailed out by his boss Dr Jennings (Ian Oglivy) who is scheming to find the puppets in order to secure a lucrative weapons deal.

The villain from Puppet Master 4 Sutekh (Jake McKinnon) is also on the puppets case and he puts his spirit into the Totem in order to try and fuck the crew of puppets shit up. Sutekh is a totally laughable goofy villain that looks like a reject from one of the Toxic Avenger sequels. This dumbass excuse for a bad guy was the only fault I had with the film, sure I got some unintentional laughs outta the dude but it just lowered the tone of the flick.  I guess Full Moon’s budget didn’t stretch to a costume where the mouth could move.

Dr Jennings breaks into the motel with some henchmen to retrieve the puppets and chaos ensues.  Rick must stop his evil boss and battle Sutekh to stop the magic of the puppets falling into evil hands. Lucky he’s got his crew of puppets lead by Dekapitron to back him up. Definitely a healthy dose of junk food for the brain, this flick delivered some killer mindless entertainment.

Puppet Master 5 was a solid enough addition to the series with higher production values than the films that followed.  This was a lot of fun and had some great stop motion effects which was refreshing to see.  A lot of effects crews should take note and do some hands on stuff instead of over using CGI.  No masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a film fans of the series will get a kick out of.

Extras include a trail and a featurette with interviews and ‘Making Of’.

DIRECTOR(S): Jeff Burr | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 1994 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Big Sky / Magna Home | RUNNING TIME: 79 minutes

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