RatmanDVD54cm tall Nelson De La Rosa – aka Mahow – stars in this piece of Italian trash cinema as Ratman, a rat / monkey hybrid who is on the loose on a tropical island attacking and killing swimsuit models and anyone else who crosses his path. De La Rosa is the world’s smallest actor (and a creepy little motherfucker!) who in 1990 was certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest man on earth, (although this is untrue, there are 2 other people in the world smaller than him – Gul Mohammed from India and Lin Yu-Cheh of Taiwan) he died recently on October 22nd 2006.

The thread-bare plot involves a “mad scientist” that creates this insane little mutant – for what reason we never find out – he promptly escapes and starts randomly killing people (mainly females). While on the island looking for her missing sister, Janet Agren (Eaten Alive, City of the Living Dead) meets up with crime novelist David Warbeck (Black Cat, The Beyond), and together they start to investigate the murders. Eva Grimaldi (Convent of Sinners, Quiet Days in Clichy) is also hanging around and treats us all to a titillating shower scene, which ups the pretty much nonexistent sleaze-factor a bit.

Although written by Dardano Sacchetti and Elisa Briganti (Zombie, House By the Cemetery), this flick is pretty much dullsville. There’s a bit of blood splattered around but very little gore apart from one scene where De La Rosa cannibalizes a victim, a lot of ‘fillers’, bad dubbing, and you don’t see Ratman half as much as I would’ve liked to, although when he does appear it definitely makes for the most entertaining parts of the film, so its not a complete waste of time. The film’s director Giuliano Carnimeo has also directed Case of the Bloody Iris, numerous Spaghetti Westerns and wrote the script for the infamous violent and sleazy Giallo The Killer is Still Among Us.


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