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Robogeisha is another insanely over-the-top splatter flick, the likes of which Japan have been cranking out lately. This flick is brought to you by the crew behind Machine Girl, Sukeban Boy and Tokyo Gore Police so you know right away what kind of crazy shit you’re in for.Robogeisha follows the violent and ridiculous fun of its predecessors delivering the goods B-movie fans live for.

The film revolves around Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) a young geisha who is abducted by the Kageno Steel corporation and turned into a murderous cyborg assassin. Much of Robogheisa’s storyline is concerned with Yoshie’s relationship with her sister and their sibling rivalry. This makes for some cheeseball melodrama to compliment the onscreen craziness. Yoshie as you’ve probably already guessed goes against the corporation’s wishes going head to head with them in order to save the day and sort out the problems with the relationship with her sister.

We’re treated to some whacky shit such as a giant robotic building wrecking havoc, women firing throwing stars out of their asses, acid squirting tits and plenty of weaponry body modifications. You want crazy? Robogeisha delivers it by the truckload.

The terrible CGI in this film really didn’t do it any favors. It starts out poorly done and as the film goes on the effects get even worse. Don’t think I’ve seen CGI look this shoddy since the 90s. Really amateur stuff that drags the film down. But that said I’m sure a lot of people will actually enjoy the film for the awful effects, depends on what you’re into. I prefer practical effects work so sloppy CGI tends to piss me off. I believe Noboru Iguchi was asked to tone down the violence of the film so perhaps this was a way of meeting that request. But I think it’s more of a case of not having a Peter Jackson sized budget.

As usual Eastern Eye have put together a solid package although I would’ve liked to have had the option of an English dub audio track. Normally I steer clear of dubbed films preferring subtitles but I’ve found the kooky dubbing adds to the overall craziness of these kind of flicks.

There’s a short film Geisha Cop, which is more of the same and the trailer included in the extras.

RoboGeisha isn’t quite in the league of The Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police, but its still a completely over the top fun flick that I’m sure fans of Japanese splatter will get a kick out of despite its shortcomings.

DIRECTOR(S): Noboru Iguchi | COUNTRY: Japan | YEAR 2009 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Madman | RUNNING TIME: 98 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen | REGION: 4 | DISCS: 1

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