Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special

RobotChickenDCSo, another Robot Chicken special. This one chooses the DC Comics universe as the target for their usual brand of offensive humor. If you’ve seen the show it’s pretty clear the creators are unashamed fan-boys so a loving roast of the DC Comics heroes was clearly in order.

During its brief 23 minute runtime a few running gags come into play, the central one being the relentless bullying of Aquaman by the other members of the Justice League. Eventually the gilled freak get’s fed up and decides to switch sides by joining the Legion of Doom. Fortunately The Riddler has just quit to form his own Punctuation Posse, so there’s a space for the turncoat Aquaman. Typical RC wackiness ensues and many superheroes are torn to comedic shreds.

Other amusing reoccurring jokes are the “That’s Bane!” segments, wherein he constantly appears and breaks Batman’s spine, and a skit where the Justice League are out clubbing trying pick up chicks.

All things considered, this is not a must-see. I much prefer the standard Robot Chicken show than these specials as many of the jokes just fall flat. But despite the short runtime (23 minutes) and unfunny cracks, there’s over 2 hours of special features which will likely make this a mandatory purchase for any RC fan. The most entertaining of which for me was the tour of the DC Entertainment offices as you get to see numerous obscure action figures, their comprehensive comic library, and other cool merchandise.


  • The Making Of RCDC Special
  • RCDC’s Aquaman Origin Story
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Writers’ Commentary
  • Actors’ Commentary
  • DC Entertainment Tour
  • Stoopid Alter Egos
  • Outtakes
  • Cut Sketches
  • 5.2 Questions
Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Madman Entertainment

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