Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd

rocknrollRock n Roll Nerd is an intimate look at the rise to fame of Australian musician / comedian Tim Minchin. Until I watched this DVD I had no idea who Tim Minchin was and well…I wasn’t missing out on much.

His comedy is music based and he sings about himself, his wife, and the way he sees and feels about things ranging from war to relationships. While sometimes witty, some songs often seemed too self deprecating and I had no patience for the act as he came off as kind of a whinger. Maybe the mixture of the film consisting of personal story and live footage didn’t display his talent enough and focused on the more dramatic aspects of his career / life, but from what I watched I am in no hurry to look out for his material in any form.

Another disappointing factor about the guy is that he fails to stand up for his art, he is branded a racist and then drops the word ‘nigger’ from his act. It seems a bit spineless to make a point and then retract because you’ve been branded something that any intelligent person could decipher as being social commentary.

I am amazed at how well he has done for himself and it’s great that people can make careers out of doing what they love, but I must be the bad guy and say that it’s comedy for the easily amused as it just isn’t that funny, subversive, interesting or entertaining . I swear he could get up on stage and jump around, bug his eyes out and scream and people would find it funny, because (I’m sorry)… he is kind of funny and awkward looking. I do think that people must be able to relate to him or something, like here is a guy putting his heart and soul into whinging about not being cool / hip enough to be a rock star, but at least he is doing something and has become someone so we should love him sort of thing. The film made me feel sorry for him and I feel he should stop trying to make people laugh and become a proper musician, get rid of the weird Carrot Top / Russell Brand style and grab a guitar / piano and make serious music. I feel really bad writing a negative review because he is just a guy doing what he likes to do and he can play loads of instruments really well, and I respect that, I just can’t dig it.

Rock n Roll Nerd is worth renting if you’re interested to see how a person can come from a nobody to a somebody, but as an introduction to the guy’s work maybe go for a live DVD if he has one. This is I am assuming one for the hardcore Minchin fans only and you’ll also be pleased to know that there’s a whole bunch of extras on the Madman DVD including deleted scenes, extra performances and never before seen footage.

  • Extra performances from Melbourne 2006
  • Never before seen footage of Tim writing a musical
  • Deleted scenes from the film and more

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd is available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.


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