ScrewballsThe 80s sex comedy was the saving grace for those on the quest to check out some titties and bush who were too young to rent proper pornos. Porky’s inspired its fair share of clones and the genre was immensely successful as a whole due to these teenage boys hunt for anything jam packed with nudity and depravity. This phenomenon was later experienced with films like Basic Instinct and Body Of Evidence kicking off a boom for erotic thriller flicks. Now of course with the internet pornography is a mouse click away for horny teens and underage perverts rather than waiting for the new raunchy comedy to hit the shelves. One of the pluses of living in the modern age! Kids have it easy these days I tell ya (god that makes me sound old).

Screwballs was a Corman funded production rushed out hot on the heels of Porky’s to cash in on its success (which still stands as one of the highest grossing Canadian flicks ever).

The film concerns itself with a band of offbeat misfit students from Taft & Adams High and their schemes to get laid and catch a glimpse of campus virgin and tease Purity Bush (Linda Speciale) in all her naked glory. Plenty of classic scenes especially the guys cracking boners in the library and the game of strip bowling where a bowling ball gets lodged somewhere particularly unpleasant make Screwballs one of the more solid entries into the Canuxsploitation cannon. A show stopping striptease from Raven De La Croix and the over the top finale are the icing on the cake. Melvin Jerkovski (Jason Warren) an overweight chronic masturbator was my favourite character of the film. Melvin’s just a walking gross out from start to finish played with glee by Warren. I guess you’ve picked up on the pattern of the characters names being double entendres and there’s plenty of them going on in the background of shots too. Rafal Zielinki’s camera work is exceptional and the new transfer really does his intricately staged shots justice. Masterfully directed for such a low brow film Zielinki’s cinematography really takes the humour of the film to a whole new level.

I get a real kick out of these 80s comedy vehicles because they’re dumb as hell good fun and don’t fall into the repetitive territory of their modern counterparts such as American Pie and Road Trip. Seann William Scott has played the same character in countless films of this genre, the dude deserves a prize for being Mr Typecast. A lot of these modern outings end up turning into a romantic comedy. This was one of the complaints I had with Zack & Miri Make A Porno. If I wanted to watch a romantic comedy I’d pull one of the shelf, its almost like they’re trying to legitimize a standard tittie flick by sugar-coating it and making it into something its not. Just gimme my filth straight up without the side of “rom-com” thanks. Screwballs doesn’t hide what it is and it is all the better for it. The studios should raid the vaults and spend the money reissuing gems like this because the modern shit just doesn’t cut it for me.

Severin’s edition of Screwballs is top notch and boasts a great transfer especially compared to the previous R4 budget release that looked like it had been taken straight off a beat up tape. The washed out clips used during the interviews show how much work was put into restoring the print to its pristine vibrant glory contained on the disc. There wasn’t a hell of a lot to work with but the Severin people have come up trumps and put out the most definitive edition of this overlooked Canuxsploitation classic you’re likely to see. I’m hoping more of these films (Recruits in particular) will be resurrected from obscurity and given the same treatment. Switch off your brain for 79 minutes and kick back and laugh your ass off at the raunchy hijinks of the pupils of T&A high you’ll have a blast.


  • Audio Commentary with director Rafal Zielinski
  • Cast and Crew Interviews
  • Mr Skin talks sex comedies of the 80s
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer

Available on DVD from Severin.

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