Sepultura: Metal Veins Alive at Rock in Rio [Blu-Ray]

sepulturaI’m starting to feel really old. Does anyone else remember owning a copy of We Are What We Are on VHS (with an exciting runtime of 11 minutes) and paying like $35 for it from Play it Again/*insert local record store name here*.  14 years later I’m about to turn 29 and here I am reviewing a Sepultura Blu-Ray and it only costs a measly $25. Sepultura were my FAVOURITE band. I LOVED them, I had a 24 page poster of Max Cavelera in my bedroom but I’m glad that I never followed through and got a tattoo of their logo. Admittedly I only own early releases such as Beneath the Remains now and was never really into post-Max era Sepultura, but  I was interested in checking this out mostly due to their collaboration with Les Tambours du Bronx.

The Blu-Ray/DVD/CD was released in celebration of Sepultura‘s 30th anniversary and was recorded at the Rock in Rio festival on September 19, 2013. Sepultura play alongside French industrial percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx who are known for beating barrels with bats and axe handles . The 13 tracks they perform are: Kaiowas, Spectrum, Refuse/Resist, Sepulnation, Delirium, Fever, We’ve Lost You, Firestarter, Requiem, Structure Violence, Territory, Big Hands and Roots Bloody Roots.

Had it not been for  Les Tambours Du Bronx I don’t think the release would have been as interesting visually. Without Max helming the band there’s an energy missing and that’s not to put down Derek Green who has loads of energy and talent, he just kinda bops around the place happily whereas Max brought something different that seemed more suited to the music. They bust out some classics as well as newer stuff and a really cool cover of The Prodigy‘s Firestarter. Still a decent viewing for those who aren’t into later era Sepultura.

There’s a documentary included as well but you have to go to the set-up section and put the subtitles on as it won’t automatically play with subtitles and like me you’ll be cursing the release. The documentary consists of interviews mostly with Andreas, Derek and Le Tambours du Bronx as well as some rehearsal footage/behind-the-scene footage with some live clips as well. It runs for approx 25 minutes.

A must own for Sepultura completists.

Sepultura: Metal Veins Alive at Rock in Rio is available on DVD and  Blu-Ray from Shock.

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