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I’m one of the few and proudly unashamed Steven Seagal fans out there. The man cops a lot of shit but he’s a legendary figure of action cinema. He always stood out amongst the other action heroes for me because of the sheer brutality of his moves. Seagal’s protagonists would always break bones and generally annihilate armies of bad guys.

All the Seagal naysayers should watch Out For Justice before they write him off. The last 10 years or so have seen Seagal (like his contemporary Van Damme) fall from superstars to the direct to video graveyard.  I’ve checked out most of these hoping to stumble upon something as killer as his old flicks but its mostly a bunch of shit. Kill Switch however, was a return to form for Seagal and showed he still had it in him to make a great action flick. If anyone can give me a heads up to where I can buy Seagal’s energy drink Lightning Bolt locally I’d be grateful. Definitely keen to try that shit. It could be one drink guaranteed to give you superpowers and I bet it’s easier to digest than his music career right?

Steven Seagal: Lawman has put him back in the spotlight with the season premiere drawing an audience of 3.6 million viewers. Sure the majority of those viewers tuned in to have a laugh at his expense (myself included to be honest) but whatever reason you had for checking it out there’s no denying it’s an entertaining show. You’d be hard pressed to survive a drinking game entailing a compulsory drink whenever he mentions he’s been “studying martial arts all of his life”. Let’s just say I’m not game to try that one out.

Steven Seagal: Lawman follows the standard formula of cop shows with a camera crew riding along in the back filming the action. This show gives more of a personal insight into Seagal and his fellow officers which makes it stand out heads and shoulders above similar shows like COPS, because we get a chance to empathise and become more attached to the people portrayed.

How fucked up would it be to get arrested by Steven Seagal? A bunch of people he pulls over and busts are quite surprised it’s actually him. He’s even good enough to sign a few autographs for people. The drunk guy who pays him out about his moves in the films being fake cracked me up, as did his predictions on who Seagal could and couldn’t beat in a fight. A young stoner even mistakes him for Sly Stallone. My favorite moment in the series was when an 80 year old lady driving along with her back door and boot open flips him and his partner the bird. We also get to check out his band jamming out and I’m convinced everyone’s way to scared to tell him he can’t sing.

This series is packed with some classic moments and  some real characters. But it’s not all humorous, there’s some hard hitting in your face reality of the effects of crime on society. The final episode where there’s two murders within the space of half an hour illustrates this. The strongest episodes were the first and last few which had more spontaneous action and weren’t just routine patrols.

There’s a bunch of unaired footage in the extras so there’s a lot of Seagal for you money. Maybe next season someone will move to Louisiana with the sole purpose of becoming his arch nemesis just like in the flicks.  I certainly hope so that would be some great TV right there.  In all seriousness though I really do hope this gets another season because I really enjoyed it.

It was cool to see him on the shooting range pulling off some impressive shots as well as training his fellow officers in martial arts as it gave his tough guy characters a little more credibility in their actions.  Seagal isn’t fronting, he’s a real life tough guy which is more than you could say for his contemporaries.  Chuck Norris has a tough rep but you don’t see that guy putting himself on the line for real, Van Damme is far too busy doing his hair, and forget about Arnie, he’s too high society to dirty his hands these days.

I thought the extra work he does helping out the victims of Hurricane Katrina was really big of the guy. He also helps out at a children’s ward in the local hospital and wasn’t afraid to say that even for a tough guy like him that place bums him out. Sure a bunch of the show would be staged for the cameras and his rank as Chief is somewhat dubious but it just adds to the fun and Seagal folklore. There’s so many rumours and gossip going around it’s hard to know what to believe about him.  I liked how this show gives audience a chance to decide for themselves first hand what he’s all about.

I’ve never really got into reality shows but this one is definitely one of the more interesting ones and it managed to keep my attention. As a fan it was interesting to get an insight into his daily life and quite humbling to see a guy give something back to his community.

This is a great looking double disc set that is must have for the diehard Seagal fan and reality TV fan alike.   With Steven Seagal: Lawman and  Kill Switch the dude is making quite the comeback.  Time will tell if the momentum keeps rolling.

DIRECTOR(S): Various | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2009 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Magna | RUNNING TIME: 321 minutes 

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