Detectorists [Season Two]

The Bafta-winning UK comedy series returns for a second season with further low-key adventures of the DMDC (Danebury Metal Detecting Club) as Andy, Lance and the rest of the gang are back…and still about as useless as always.

Situations have changed since last we saw the group. Andy is now a father and has completed his archaeology degree, but is frustrated that it has not led to any gainful employment of any sort. Lance has moved on from his obsession with his ex-wife, but a new female figure starts to move into his life.

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The Bothersome Man


Imagine a world where everyone is polite, nobody swears and there is no trash. You’re in a seemingly perfect, chaos and violence free world. A paradise, only there are no memories, pain, real emotions, children, or even death. Everything is fabricated, monotonous, detached and impersonal. 40 Year old Andreas finds himself in this place and is totally unaware of how he came to be there. He arrives by bus and is promptly escorted to his new apartment and along with his new apartment comes a new job. Andreas is told that he is to begin his new career as an accountant so he turns up for work and meets his cookie cutter, superficial, materialistic workmates who love to dine together and obsess over the latest furniture designs.

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