Clarence: Mystery Piñata

Clarence-MysteryI don’t have TV in my household so despite loving most of Cartoon Networks shows Clarence was one that I wasn’t privy to until I reviewed the Cartoon Network Holiday Collection DVD. There were two episodes of Clarence on that collection and ever since I saw it I couldn’t wait til Clarence got a release of its own.

Clarence is set around a bunch of lower-middle class fourth graders in the town of Aberdale. Clarence is a happy-go-lucky kid who wants to be friends with everyone. He has two best friends, the intelligent clean freak Jeff and Sumo the crazy and mostly dirty problem solver. The three get into all sorts of innocent mischief that transported this 80s kid to a simpler time when kids ran around outside for fun and weren’t stuck on the couch/computer all day. Ughh I sound old.

What makes it so appealing is that it is equally silly, funny and naive as it is heartwarming and accepting. It’s not trendy and non-sequitir like Adventure Time yet has many of the same sensibilities. It references a lot of things that 80s kids will pick up on but isn’t smarmy about it and it’s just a really feel good cartoon that reminds you of how fun it was to be a kid. My nearly three year old loves it.

The animation is simple and so colourful and there’s no action or violence which makes for a nice change. The voices are also incredible with Clarence and Sumo being my favourite although apparently the creator and voice of Clarence (Skyler Page) was fired after allegations of sexual assault and someone else will be voicing Clarence which sucks as his voice is part of what makes him so lovable.

The set isn’t a complete season, it’s just a random few episodes of the first season. Sometimes I get a bit annoyed with compilation releases as when a full season comes out you sometimes have to get that to ensure you have all the episodes. It’s not even a release of episodes 1-12 of Season One, so it will be interesting to see how the rest of the show gets released. This isn’t the fault of Madman, all releases thus far are the same. A decent release with a runtime of 132 minutes and a pilot episode for an extra as well as a decent sized sticker of Clarence’s adorable face, this is the perfect introduction to Clarence.

A show that appeals to both kids and adults, Clarence hits the mark and should be a release to put on your wish list if you’re a fan of Cartoon Networks shows.

Episodes on this collection:

  • Fun Dungeon Face Off
  • Pretty Great Day with a Girl
  • Lost in the Supermarket
  • Jeff’s New Toy
  • Zoo
  • Rise and Shine
  • Average Jeff
  • Slumber Party
  • Dream Boat
  • Too Gross for Comfort
  • Neighborhood Grill


  • The original pilot episode.
  • Clarence Sticker

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

Cartoon Network Holiday Collection


Ugh… it’s that time of year again. I wish I could love Christmas like John Waters does but for some reason I just hate the holiday season. I hate Christmas carols, I hate bands outside supermarkets, I hate the decorations and I really, really hate the fact that there’s no mail for six days. I am a total Grinch. I also have a two year old who is going to love Christmas so watching a Christmas themed DVD is a great way to start accepting that I have to get into the spirit and smile and stop being a Grinch.

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Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere

Adventure-TimeAdventure Time is like nothing you have seen before. Yet, it is like MANY things you have seen before. Adventure Time is the chronicle of the misadventures of Finn (The Human) and Jake (The Dog) as they traverse the inexplicable happenings of their homeland of “Ooo”. Comedy ensues at every possible angle. Including 0 and 360 degrees, which means that comedy ensues at one angle twice. Righteous. This is one of those particular achievements in animation that I hold in pretty high regard. Admittedly before getting this set to review I had never heard of the show before. Yes, for shame, for shame on me indeed.

First to describe the series. Well, Adventure Time is a many layered beast. It is one of those shows that appeals across the board. There is a visual and straight forward aspect that appeals to a younger audience, with the upfront comedy being simple (nut not plain). Though I would advise parents to see the show first before passing it onto their young’uns, as I wouldn’t say it was for all ages. Then there is this complete other side that is dry, dark, and slightly creepy that appeals to us older audiences. It’s weird for some to imagine that this show sports a G rating. But it replaces dick and fart jokes and crude humour, with something a bit ‘smarter’ and widely more acceptable to the audience.

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Adventure Time [Complete Second Season]

Adventure-Time-The-Complete-Second-Season-15529902-4Most people have heard of Adventure Time by now, but if you happen to be one of the willfully ignorant it’s a much-hyped animated series that airs on Cartoon Network. Despite being presented as a kids ‘toon, it has quickly gathered a “cult following” of teens & 20-something man-children, inspiring fan-fiction, cosplaying and all the money-grubbing merchandise you can think of.

The central plot revolves around the show’s protagonists Finn, a pre-teen boy, and Jake, a talking shape-shifting dog and their wacky adventures in the magical land of Ooo. On their travels they often come into contact with some of the various recurring characters such as Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess and Cinnamon Bun. Continue reading