City of Gold

City of Gold is a film about L.A. based (Pulitzer Prize winning) food critic Jonathan Gold. Identifying as a “failed cellist”, Gold was also a proofreader and music reviewer for the L.A. Weekly.  Before he became a  full-time food critic, Gold ate at every eatery on the 15 mile stretch of Pico Boulevard which runs from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica. He uncovered self contained communities where specialty cuisines from all over the world abounded and he quickly gained a cult following for his boundary pushing exploration of culturally diverse cuisines and delicacies (Google Hagfish at your own risk).

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Jamie Oliver Box Set

Jamie-Oliver-Box-setShocks’s Jamie Oliver Box Set consists of eight DVDs of two different Jamie Oliver series. The run-time of the set is 1052 minutes. Each season consists of four discs. There’s Save With Jamie Series One and Two, which I reviewed a few months back in-depth here, and  Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Series One and Two.

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Save with Jamie [Series One & Two]

Save-JamieMadman’s release of Save With Jamie includes series one & two, each consisting of six parts, and is a four disc box set with a 539 minute runtime.

With most of these recipes you essentially have to spend money to save money (eg. buy one big chicken as opposed to a pack of pies) but he does make the dishes go a long way by providing one really good main serve and then creating leftover meals. The good focus of this series is that the meals are of good quality and will keep you full and deliver nutrients as opposed to buying cheap items such as pies and sausage rolls which are stuffed full of additives and preservatives.

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Hugh’s Scandimania – With Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

ScandimaniadvdI’ve never been a fan of cooking shows but one day my mum made me watch an episode of a Nigella show. She was just so exquisite and had such a warm personality and her show seemed more interesting than the crappy 10 minute morning news show style cooking segments I was used to. I’ve heard my mum rave about River Cottage / Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and I’m obsessed with just about everything Nordic so that made the DVD even more appealing. At least if was shit I’d get to see some cool scenery and learn a bit about my cultural heritage.

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River Cottage Australia


In 1997, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall moved into the River cottage in Dorset, England and began his long experiment living as a largely self-sufficient smallholder. It’s certainly paid off for him – more than 15 years, 7 books and 10 TV series later he’s a household name around the world. In this series, Hugh passes the baton to Paul West, a Tasmanian chef who wants to set up his own River Cottage in an old dairy farm on the Tilba Downs in New South Wales, Australia.

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Choccywoccydoodah [Season One]

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I haven’t had my TV set tuned in for about seven years now and it wasn’t until I saw an online article about fan outrage at Coronation Street’s time-slot being taken over by a reality cooking show that I even knew that they had expanded from segments on shows such as Good Morning to Survivor-style shows that people love to watch. I can’t think of anything more boring than watching people cook or battling/having cooking wars, but one area of these types of shows does intrigue me: shows about patisseries and chocolatiers.

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