The Tower


It’s Christmas, and Tower Sky (Seoul’s most luxurious high-rise apartment building) is putting on a White Christmas party to dazzle their investors and affluent guests. Dae-ho (Sang-kyung Kim), a single father and the building’s manager, is forced to cancel his plans with his young daughter Ha-na (Jo Min-ah) in order to work overtime to make the party a success. Fortunately for him, Yoon-hee (Ye-jin Son) – a co-worker who he not-so-secretly has a crush on – volunteers to look after her for the night. Yoon-hee and Dae-ho have concerns about the building’s safety systems, and about the flight patterns of the helicopters that form part of the evening’s spectacle, but these are overruled by the building’s Chairman. Meanwhile, Yoido Fire Station welcomes a raw new recruit (Seon-woo, played by Do Ji-han)¬†and their legendary Fire Captain Young-ki (Kyung-gu Sol) promises his long-suffering wife that he’ll have the night off for the first time in years.

When the helicopters towing a snow-machine over the Christmas party are caught in an updraft and crash into Tower Sky, Dae-ho, Ha-na and Yoon-hee are trapped inside and both Seon-woo and Young-ki are caught up in the Fire Service’s response.

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