David Lynch: The Art Life

The Art Life is a letter from father to daughter, from David Lynch to his daughter Lula Lynch. For hardcore Lynch fans you’ll know the majority of these stories and be treated to some unseen footage of Lynch’s childhood. For those who have no idea who he is, I am not sure this is the right place to start. It is quite contemplative and full of scenes that linger on Lynch at home painting and working with wood in the Hollywood Hills. It’s not a dissection of his film accolades or his style, it’s just Lynch telling his life story and doing one of the things he seems to cherish most – art.

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Earthworm Jim [Seasons One and Two]

Earthworm-JimI’ve mentioned in previous reviews of kids shows that my love for Madman is deeply rooted in the release of my favourite childhood shows (Samurai Pizza Cats, Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo etc). Earthworm Jim (1995-1996) was one I had pretty much forgotten about, which is weird because I watched it all the time at my grandparents place and used to call my Grandad ‘Earthworm Joe’ as he had earthworms. So yet again Madman have pleased the inner child in me with the release of two Earthworm Jim seasons.

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The Look of Silence

Look-ofThe Look of Silence is a companion piece documentary to the Oscar-nominated 2012 doco The Act of Killing. Both were shot by German-American Joshua Oppenheimer and a team of mostly-anonymous (for their own protection) collaborators in Indonesia over a period of nearly a decade. The focus is on the military coup of 1965 and the subsequent massive slaughter of over a million people by army-directed death squads. Continue reading

City of Gold

City of Gold is a film about L.A. based (Pulitzer Prize winning) food critic Jonathan Gold. Identifying as a “failed cellist”, Gold was also a proofreader and music reviewer for the L.A. Weekly.  Before he became a  full-time food critic, Gold ate at every eatery on the 15 mile stretch of Pico Boulevard which runs from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica. He uncovered self contained communities where specialty cuisines from all over the world abounded and he quickly gained a cult following for his boundary pushing exploration of culturally diverse cuisines and delicacies (Google Hagfish at your own risk).

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The Returned [Series One & Two]

I don’t know how this show slipped by me. I try to keep up with every good foreign TV show but every now and then there’s always one where I am late to the party. I saw the remake on Netflix just as my father-in-law was telling me how much he loved the original and was hooked in by the mysterious elements. I thought I would do a bit of an experiment and try watching the remake first. I made it to about the third episode. The story was interesting but it was so utterly devoid of style and suspense that I couldn’t stick with it. After watching one episode of the original I was hooked.

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Cartel Land

Cartel Land is a documentary about the effect the Mexican drug cartels have on communities and two “vigilante” groups who try to fight against them. The first is a group called the Autodefensas, a group led by Dr Jose Mireles (aka “El Doctor”). The Autodefensas are a group of locals sick of the violence and torture committed by the Knights Templar drug cartel. We gain incredible access to the victims of these crimes as well as front-line  footage of the Autodefensas fighting back against the cartel.

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