Dead End Drive-In [Blu-Ray]

dead-endBrought to us by Ozploitation icon Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey ShootThe Man From HongKong, BMX Bandits) our story starts with a string of disasters including racial riots in Sydney, a nuclear disaster in the Pacific and the crash of Wall Street leading to a dystopian future where the economic chaos means Tow Trucks fight it out for business, cops are corrupt and the kids form gangs of carboys, roaming the roads stripping cars and raising hell.

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Along with Brain De Palma Richard Franklin is a director who wears his Hitchcock influence on his sleeve, which depending on your point of view is either a good or bad thing. Personally I dig both these directors’ work watching their films more often than Hitch’s probably due to my love of all things trashy. Blasphemy I know but gimme Franklin’s sequel to Psycho or De Palma’s Dressed To Kill and Body Double over the master’s flicks any day. Feel free to kick my ass with hate mail.

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Dead End Drive-In

Dead-End-Drive-InORDER DVD

Brian Trenchard-Smith began his career in the mid ‘70s with the low budget action films Kung Fu Killers and The Man from Hong Kong, he later went on to direct such underrated classics as Turkey Shoot, Night of the Demons 2 and of course, Dead End Drive-In.

It’s 1990, the stock market has crashed, inflation and unemployment are at an all-time high and the streets are run by violent, hotrod-driving punks known as Car Boys… basically everything’s gone to shit in Australia. Continue reading



When I was maybe eleven or twelve my mate Barry’s parents had the soundtrack to this movie Stone. They were more country and western fans so I’m guessing it was left over after a party. There were a lot of parties back then. We always found cigarettes and beer and shit like that, plus records, there were always records left behind, Stone was one of them I’m sure. And we dug it. On the cover was this skull in a digger’s hat and on the record was this weird ass music with didgeridoos and guitars and chaos and power and man, I used to go over to Barry’s everyday to hear that record. We had no idea what the movie was really about and it would be years before I saw it but that soundtrack gave me a taste and when I finally did see Stone, I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading