Everyone Must Die

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Without having done extensive research online I’d wager that I wouldn’t be the first to follow the title of this film with the words “starting with the people who made this film!”.

Like I’ve said on previous occasions, if only films could be reviewed on the basis on the enthusiasm of the filmmakers rather than the final product, it’d mean a lot of happier filmmakers out there. However this is another entry in the “low-budget hell” category that, more often than not, seems to feature films that were obviously a lot more fun to MAKE than they were to WATCH.

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Slasher House

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The modern era of digital filmmaking has meant the tools of creating movies are within the reach of more people than ever. With the barriers lowered, microbudget features have become a reality and, in some cases, a success.

Naturally, this democratisation of filmaking has also led to a dilution of quality, with many tiny films often displaying more enthusiasm than talent. Fortunately, Slasher House is an exception. For the most part.

Shot for a measly 5,000 pounds, this UK horror flick is extremely shrewd with its budget, making sure every penny counts, with a great location and a bold colour scheme combining to elevate the production level of the film beyond its means.

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