Deadly Outlaw Rekka



These days Takashi Miike really needs no introduction, he’s one of the leading forces in modern Japanese cinema and his prolific body of violent and eccentric work has won over many a fan of cult, extreme and foreign cinema. Deadly Outlaw: Rekka is a Yakuza tale which is a subject Miike is perhaps one of the foremost masters of as it’s what a large amount of his flicks are centred around. I was pretty excited to check this one out when I read the soundtrack was from none other than Flower Travelin’ BandDeadly Outlaw: Rekka looked like a collision of some of the killer elements of Japanese pop culture I’ve really grown fond of over the last fear years.

Deadly Outlaw: Rekka revolves itself around Kunisada’s (Riki Takeuchi) quest for revenge against a rival crime family who murdered his boss. Kunisada butts heads with his superiors who wish to maintain a truce which he sees as cowardly and weak. He of course sets out against their wishes and finds himself targeted by both sides.

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