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I was actively dreading watching this DVD. I mean, ANOTHER wise-cracking-turkey-reanimated-by-dog-piss film… how many more of those do I have to watch??!!! Seriously though, this 2007 film directed by Jordan Downey and shot on lush HD Video is surprisingly entertaining and belies its $3,500 (!) budget in many ways.

As revealed by Downey and co-producer Kevin Stewart on the informative and amusing commentary track it was shot over 11 days while the filmmakers were still in college and is better than you’d hope..or not AS bad as you’d expect..depending on your mindset going in. That’s not to say it’s particularly good…but I’ve seen films with millions of dollars to blow that have less heart.

The film opens with a flashback to 1621 in which a buxom topless pilgrim (played by MILF pornstar Wanda Lust…top billed for her 1 minute of screen time) is stalked and axed to death by a killer turkey. Cut to the present day. A stereotypical/ deliberately clichéd cast (drunk guy, jock, nerd, slut, good girl) go on a road trip. At the same time in the distance the evil turkey has been reanimated and is looking for blood. The inevitable crossing of paths lead to gore, bad acting and the fakest mustache ever committed to film.

Aside from the “interesting” premise of a talking turkey, the film doesn’t stray far from genre standards…one character after another is knocked off in a gruesome fashion. The humour in the film is one of its saving graces, the turkey delivering one-liners pre- and post- kill. My favourite example has a female, discovering she has been fucked doggie-style by the turkey and not her boyfriend hearing the line “you just got stuffed!” moments before getting killed.

It’s not the kind of film you’re going to rush out and buy but it’s a good way to waste an hour and doesn’t outstay its welcome. A sequel with a $100,000 budget is being shot right now.

DIRECTOR(S): Jordan Downey | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2009 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): HD Video | RUNNING TIME: 66 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 1.85 : 1 | REGION: All | DISCS: 1

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