The Best of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

GGallinThe Best of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies is a 47 minute concert compiled of, if you will, ‘the best’ clips from GG and the Murder Junkies’ performances. The songs performed are: Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me, Outlaw Scumfuc, Kill Everything I fuck, I Wanna Rape You, Gypsy Motherfucker, Hangin Out With Jim, Die When You Die, Kill The Police, Expose Yourself To Kids, I Live To Be Hated, Cunt Sucking Cannibal and Bite It You Scum. This is one intense 47 minute concert. The usual antics such as piss drinking, shitting, fighting with the audience and GG inflicting great pain upon himself are all present, but what I liked about this DVD was that the audio was really good, you could hear every word he said when he was taunting the audience. Some live footage I have seen is of terrible quality and it’s really hard to hear what the audience says to provoke GG and vice versa. The DVD is also of good visual quality and the steady camerawork was nice because I can not sit through the concert part of Hated in one sitting without nearly vomiting due to the camerawork.

Although I would have to say that GG Allin & The Jabbers would be my favourite era of GG’s musical output, there is no denying that my favourite album that he ever released is GG & The Murder Junkies’ Brutality and Bloodshed for All. Everyone knows who The Murder Junkies are, whenever you mention GG Allin its “oh yeah, the Murder Junkies” forget The Texas Nazis, The Aids Brigade, The Holy Men, its all about the Murder Junkies. And why not? this era of GG provided some of the most uninhibited, crude, vile and truly sickening sideshow antics ever. But that’s what I also dislike about the Murder Junkies: GG’s final persona overpowered how truly great they were. It’s never “oh fuck yeah Highest Power, that shit is awesome” its “whoa, that guy shoves bananas up his butt and poops on stage”.

There is something liberating about the extremes that Allin explored, like the way he rolled around and undulated like a baby in his waste. He didn’t give a fuck about the fact that his dick was as small as a pinkie finger, he was fine with shoving cans and microphones up his ass, drinking his piss and didn’t care about shit getting into his wounds and getting ill. When he got on stage he owned it, he was more fierce and predatory than Iggy Pop, and oozed more sexual prowess than Mick Jagger. He gave a true meaning to the term ‘grotesque burlesque’. Sadly it does seem like a lot of people wanted to see ‘a show’ and not great music, GG even states during this show that if anyone wants to see some truly awful / repulsive / sick shit to come backstage. I wonder if anyone took up his offer.

Although a lot of people write him off as an insane junkie with no talent, they have no idea what they are talking about. Go and listen to The Jabbers, go and listen to his acoustic country stuff, he could have easily been in the Ramones or become a more perverse version of Hasil Adkins . He wrote pop songs, really good ones, just not traditional ones, and just because you think songs like Expose Yourself to Kids or I’m a Rapist are morally repulsive doesn’t mean you can write someone off as a hack. Go and listen to Cheri Love Affair, Carmelita, Outlaw Scumfuc, 1980s Rock n Roll, they are really great songs. I understand that his work isn’t to everyone’s liking but you can’t dispute that 15 years after his death he is still the ultimate rock n roll terrorist and that nobody can ever top him. 10,000 GG Allin fans can not be wrong. If his music was uninspired trash, nobody would bother commemorating the 15th anniversary of his death and people wouldn’t fly from all over the world to shit on his grave.

What I appreciated about this DVD is that unlike Hated, it’s a step back from the persona, its GG raw and doing what he does best. There is no way that anyone could watch this and doubt his sincerity. He was dedicated 100% to his cause, and no one has ever given themselves this fully. GG wasn’t about pushing the limits or causing scenes, he was about revenge, about truly screwing authority and societies norms and just doing whatever the fuck you want to do. This DVD captures just that through the performances and GG’s ranting.

The extra on the DVD titled GG’s Mom is a 20 minute interview recorded in August 2008. This extra was probably the highlight of the DVD for me as I’ve never heard any stories about GG and how he was off stage. His mother tells of how he had a job as a baker and made wonderful éclairs and cream puffs. Although she endured a lot of crap from him, she tells of treasured stories and even displays a mother’s day picture of a rose that he did for her when he was in prison. It was interesting to hear about these stories because they are just so polar opposite to the GG persona. Obviously her son was human and had emotions, and was simply Kevin around his family, its just hard to imagine that. I really respected how his mother never judged him for his life choices and although she didn’t like what he did, she is really proud of her son and the profound affect he has had on the rock n roll underground.

The Best of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies is another great document in the canon of GG Allin, and would make a great addition to the collection of any GG Allin fan, not just the hard core collectors. It would also be a great DVD for any of you who are not quite brave enough to take on Hated.


  • Exclusive Interview with GG’s Mom

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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