The Fall [Series 2]

The-Fall-2I love British crime series although lately they’ve really started to become crappy by jumping on board the whole exploitative missing kid genre. The Fall was one of the better shows of recent years and I was greatly anticipating series two. What makes the show so awesome (apart from Gillian Anderson) is that it totally feels like a show that could have come straight outta Scandinavia despite being set in Northern Ireland.

Jamie Dornan (50 Shades of Grey) stars as a father, husband and bereavement counsellor who also happens to have a thing for stalking and killing women. Gillian Anderson as Superintendent Stella Gibson is at her best since X-Files. In the first season Stella was brought in to help capture the killer due to her expertise in dealing with such cases. This season becomes a psychological game of cat and mouse between Paul and Stella.

The show is elevated beyond typical procedural crime drama as it takes a human look at the perpetrator. Stella sums it up well when a male cop says to her that the killer is the ultimate face of evil, to which Stella replies “he’s just a man”. There’s times when you like the killer’s insights and humour and feel compassion for him even though he is capable of evil. He had a mother, he is a son, a father, a husband, and he is just a normal person capable of love and emotion. It’s great to see the lead detective and the perpetrator pretty much in equal time and space and get insights to both sides of the law.

Compared with series one there is very little action, instead the show relies on tension and drama and it’s all the better for it. Series two is more of a psychological thriller than the first series but remains just an enthralling, suspenseful and addictive.

A must own for fans of the first series and for those of you who haven’t but dig shows like The Bridge and The Killing (Nordic versions) definitely check this show out. Highly recommended alongside other great UK dramas such as Ireland’s Love/Hate and Hit & Miss starring Chloe Sevigny as a trans-gendered hit-man.

Madman’s release of The Fall Series 2 is a 2 disc set with no extras.

Series 1 and Series 2 available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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